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Planning the Project Team Meeting • Note: Involving attendees in planning the meeting (including setting the agenda) can increase their commitment to making the meeting work. Be clear on the meeting objective or purpose. Ask for input on the agenda and make revisions as appropriate. Identify who should attend the meeting and whether they are available for the date you have in mind. Provide advance notice to attendees on these meeting aspects: Date, time and length Purpose Location Agenda Attendees How to prepare / what to bring Prepare the meeting room in advance: Enough seating Flip Chart Markers Masking Tape Mike Cardus :: 1

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Agenda Guidelines Include the intent or objective of the meeting Allocate time for introductions of attendees Set aside time to review and revise the agenda Put agenda items in order and allocate time to items Include action items from the last meeting that are to be agreed and discussed at this one; list items to which the team agreed and include who is responsible for each Allocate time for “asides” from last meeting as appropriate Include time for setting agenda and logistics for the next meeting Last agenda item should be evaluating the meeting Mike Cardus :: 2

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Checklist: Running the Project Team Meeting Post the agenda on a flipchart where participants can refer to it during the meeting. Use a flipchart to help keep the group focused and to create a single, agreed-upon record. Create an “asides or parking lot” list for discussion items that come up that are not on the agenda. Dispense with each agenda item in one of these ways: Reach a decision Delegate item for further study Put on next meeting agenda Take issue off agenda Keep a record of: Key points covered Decisions made Action items Persons responsible for each action item Completion date for actions Flipchart tips Use speaker’s own words Write legibly Summarize long ideas Number and post pages Evaluate the meeting, allowing attendees to Comment on the value of the meeting Suggest how the next meeting might be improved Mike Cardus :: 3

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Checklist: Following up After the Project Team Meeting Create and distribute a short written record that includes: Meeting date, purpose, attendees Key points covered Decisions made Action items Persons responsible for action items Completion date for actions Identify how to incorporate participant feedback on how to improve the next meeting … Then DO IT Mike Cardus :: 4

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