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(Not) Learning English - overcoming fear BaySide Tech Nite OKURA Masafumi, 2023-05-19

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Me • Name: OKURA Masafumi • Work: Freelance web developer (Ruby/Rails) • Activities: The creator of Alba gem, the chief organizer of Kaigi on Rails, a LT speaker of RubyKaigi 2023

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I’ve not • lived abroad • worked abroad • used English in my day job • spent any money on Eikaiwa school

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I haven’t “learnt” English for a while

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I just mimicked other people • I mimicked the pronunciation of native speakers with English program from NHK • I mimicked some useful phrases from GitHub users • I mimicked tempo and rhythm in real conversations

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What things have I learnt?

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Grammar and vocabulary

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Why do I have to learn grammar and vocabulary • Because it’s too fundamental • In real conversations, they must bubble up in milliseconds • If you talk with completely broken grammar, it’s hard for them to follow and understand • High school level is just enough, no worries about dif fi cult grammars and vocabularies that only appears in newspapers and novels

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Don’t care about pronunciation

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Japanese- English is fi ne

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The most important thing is:

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Overcoming fear

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Just talk to them • Rubyists are nice • Rubyists don’t laugh at your English • Rubyists patiently listen to you • Rubyists might speak to you slowly

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Recommendations • Make Rubyist friends (#rubyfriends) • Find opportunities to talk with them • Get some feedback

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Thank you, MINASWAN