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Yet Report Girvan academy

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Introduction My name is Clare McClung and I am a student at Girvan Academy in South Ayrshire. This is my report on Girvan Academy’s trip to Nepal During the Summer of 2014. While in Nepal we had five days acclimatisation time, we Trekked for a week to Annapurna base camp, we stayed in Chitwan National Park where we went on several safaris and during the last five days of our trip we took part in voluntary work through the Charity Hope at a local school to improve the security there.

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The Journey We were all very excited and nervous. This is the group at our school before we left for the airport. We had to go on three different flights: Edinburgh- Heathrow Heathrow- Delhi and Delhi- Kathmandu. This took us almost a full day of travelling! It’s me!

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Arrival The air was more polluted and was hard to breathe. We made our way to a hostel called the backpackers. When we finally arrived everything was so different. The streets were very enclosed and busy.

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Monkey temple In the first five days we were able to relax and enjoy Nepal before our trek. We visited a monkey temple where monkeys were free to roam. Yes, that’s a mother and baby monkey. (So cute!) Many prayer flags have been hung from the temple for good luck.

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Culture Show We went to a culture show where we saw a number of dances and performances. These were traditional dances or dances to the traditional songs of Nepal. The Nepal group with the dance group

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Acclimatisation trek We went on a one day acclimatisation trek. Ooooo! Suspension bridge! There was a temple at the top. My first ever experience with leeches, Not good!

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ABC Trek… And so, the real trek begins… The trek lasted for one week. (but it sure did feel longer…) Cons of ABC trek; • Tiredness. • Aches… Everywhere. • Endless stairs. • The creepiest bugs known to man. • Rain, rain and more rain. • Warning: you will smell. • Scary bridges. • LEEEEECHES!!! Sorry you had to see this… pesky leeches! Well this was terrifying.

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Pros of ABC trek; • When you stop for a rest- you’re in heaven. • Food surprisingly good. • Teahouses surprisingly not vulgar. • Dogs accompany you. • Amazing views! • And when you get to the top-best feeling in the world. …Abc Trek These signs keep ya going... …And so do these guys. Meet Alan. I’m the king of the world! SHEEEEEP!

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JusT… WoW.

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Chitwan We went on an elephant! Boat safari- it was so relaxing! #Besties 4ever Mumma and bubba

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oh… And We meT mArTin Clunes.

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School Passing da bricks We had to build the foundations for a wall. The pupils would line up in the morning.

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FAreWell… ;(

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Homecoming For our last night we went out for dinner with the guides who came with us on our trek. Plus, we got to stay in a fancy shmancy hotel to relax before we left for home the next day. During my time in Nepal I faced so many challenges and hurdles that I was able to overcome. I made new friends and I will never forget the experiences I had. It was the hardest three weeks of my life, but also the best.

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Thank you! I would just like to thank YET for the grant you gave me to help me in fundraising for this wonderful trip to Nepal. Without the support of organizations like YET it would not have been possible for us to have this amazing experience and for that we are all truly grateful.