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Pulsar AI Georgia Supernova

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01 Pulsar AI was established in 2017 Products, Pulsar AI started with the first Georgian language bots with powerful components of AI

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AI, Big data analyses, Process automatization 02 Real Time data analysis Transaction Validation/Control Image Processing Payment Fraud Prevention Many more

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03 Trust in AI Responses The Bias Problem Ethical Behaviour The amount of Data Skills Required Challenges in testing AI products

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04 ● Customer support ● Personal assistant ● Language learning and translation ● Content generation ● Code writing and debugging ChatGPT, Generative AI and GPT-3 Apps and use cases

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05 Chat GPT 2873 individuals evaluated the 7675 texts produced by human and GPT-3 survey respondents Department of Political Science, Brigham Young University

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06 Jipitauri based on GPT 3.5 Georgian ChatGPT :) Model was enriched with Georgia-specific, historical and current facts

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07 Jipitauri Highlight the topics and sentiment Developers, We got a very pure result, identified top 5 topics, overall sentiment was negative due to the incomplete data

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08 Jipitauri Highlight the topics and sentiment

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09 GPT-4 is the next iteration of the language model series by OpenAI Again, Challenges Ahead ● Bias ● The Challenge of Computational Power ● The Challenge of Data Privacy Developers, researchers, and society have to ensure that they use AI language generation technology in an ethical and responsible manner

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