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Stop Smashing Your Keyboard! Zoom Out and Think! Eduardo da Silva (@emgsilva|[email protected])

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What “normal” People think we do on a daily basis?

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Popular myth(?):we smash keyboards! really fast! And make magic happen...

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even though in reality we do not go so fast… we are still expected to go “fast”

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Why do we need to move fast? Because businesses need “fast” to stay ahead!, there is always a sense of urgency on what we are doing… ...and that “is not bad”

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How are we tackling this “need for speed”? Get our heads down and “just do it”! Be agile! Be lean! ... Deliver things fast! tuff

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What is the outcome?

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(blind) Agile and Go Fast Too much focus on speed (rate of motion)… heads down, let’s move fast!! No time to define direction! “Go with the flow/instinct”

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Agile and Go Fast with clear(er) direction We must focus on “high velocity” We need direction (on our iterations)! Result = move fast towards the “end goal”! Decisions

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Proposal: Stop smashing your keyboard! Zoom out and think!

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Framework for incremental architecture design 1) Start the project by addressing the “important decisions” (=Architecture) a) What/Why/How b) Initial plan of action (start...end) 2) At each new “important decision” a) Re-evaluate the what/why/how - with the end-goal in mind b) (re)define plan of action Decisions

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Some tools...

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Visualization of Problems and Solutions When stuck on a problem… ● go “offline”, (zoom-out-think) visualize your problems and solutions No need of UML and formal architecture languages ● Whiteboarding is good Helps everyone get a common perspective faster

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Architecture Decision Records (ADR) (by Michael Nygard) Lightweight documentation of the “design decisions” These are “immutable” - a design decision is taken and executed ⇒ no more stale documentation Project documentation that seats on your codebase!

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Thank you! More on this in: