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EXTENT: Software Testing & Trading Technology Trends

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Exchange Test Tools & QA Bank Software Vendor Buy Side Consultancy IDB & News Regulator Hardware Press Academia 24% 21% 19% 12% 6% 6% 4% 3% 2% 2% 1%

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17% Business Development 2% Compliance 25% Quality Assurance 32% Technology 15% Top Management 9% Other

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Chris Corrado CIO/COO London Stock Exchange Group Opening Keynote

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Sergei Poliakoff CIO Moscow Exchange MOEX Risk Management Real-Time Technology

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Forum Theatre

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Iosif Itkin CEO Exactpro, LSEG Machine Learning in Software Testing Nan Zhang Senior QA Manager GFT Technologies Test Automation and Agile Testing Theatre Forum

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Gayath Rathnayake Associate VP Software Development MillenniumIT, LSEG Test Automation and Agile Testing Nan Zhang Chief Business Operations BSE Ltd Trading Technology Trends and Innovation Theatre Forum

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Dr. Sandra Bramkhoff Senior VP, Cash Market Development Deutsche Boerse AG MiFID 2 – Requirements for testing and business clocks Ferdinando La Posta Co-founder and CEO GATElab MiFID 2 – Compliant Fixed Income SOR system Theatre

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Ferdinando La Posta Co-founder and CEO GATElab Panel Theatre MiFID2 – Fixed Income and Compliance Carlo Comporti Managing Director Promontory Financial Group Paul Burleton Principal Consultant GFT Technologies Ian Salmon Director IgniteG2M Ltd

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Ingo Philip Product Manager Tricentis The Future of Software Testing Forum Duncan Brigginshaw Co-Founder and Technical Director Odin Technology Ltd Implementing Test Automation For Clearstream

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Claude Robitaille CTO Accedian Networks Forum Testing For Hardware Accelerated FPGA Alyona Bulda Senior QA Project Manager Exactpro Milan Dvorak Director Netcope Technologies Oleg Pavlikov Senior NFT Analyst Exactpro

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Health & Safety Your Friend

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Event is recorded on camera!

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Alexey Zverev CEO Exactpro QA Management Jamie Allsop CEO Clearpool Technologies Ltd Testing the Architecture Theatre Forum

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Theatre The Four Essential Elements of QA Solutions Marina Kudryavtseva Senior Test Manager Exactpro Anna-Maria Lukina Marketing Director Exactpro Liubov Konnova Senior QA Manager Exactpro Anastasia Nikitina QA Analyst Exactpro

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Forum Retail Brokers On- Boarding Process Alex Makhnitskyi Head of Technical Support PFSOFT

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Satchuthananthavale Branavan Chief Scientist Machine Learning MillenniumIT Technology Trends in Capital Markets Alexey Khoroshilov Senior Researcher Institute for System Programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences Industry Practices of Advanced Program Analysis Theatre Forum

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Jeremy Norwood Programme Director Tradition Delivering Quality from Chaos

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Alyona Lamash Head of Post Trade QA Exactpro Testing Clearing & Settlement Systems

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Pavel Protsenko Senior Account Manager Exactpro Panel Theatre Test Automation Mariagrazia Brunetti Managing Director Quence srl Jacob Northey Product Manager Certification and Testing ITIVITI George Wilson Senior VP of Operations and Sales Original Software George Mackintosh CEO TestPlant

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Dr. Matthias Burghardt Head of Business Development Boerse Stuttgart Forum Testing at the Implementation of a New Trading System

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Drinks & Thanks!

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Chris Corrado CIO/COO London Stock Exchange Group Opening Keynote