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【查核】用謊言支撐起的虛構世界 Angela Cheng / Central Dev Jimmy Huang / Central Dev TECH FRESH 畢業分享會 2023.06.27

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Jimmy Huang TECH FRESH • Photographer • Web Backend Engineer • Central Team @LINE • Bachelor NCUIM & NCUCSIE Early Graduate (2023.01) • Master NTUIM Early admission (2023.02) • System Developer @NCUCC SD • Cyber security inspector @NYCU HCRC

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01 02 03 04 05 06 Contents Preface -【查核】⽤謊⾔⽀撐起的虛構世界 FACT CHECKER Weapons of Mass Deception Learn and Insights Daily Life in TECH FRESH Unleash Growth Potential

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【查核】用謊言支撐起的虛構世界 ※ Source from:

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Messages are Everywhere

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Weapons of Mass Deception (Text) 在這個世界裡 謊言就是武器 SBERT ELECTRA NLP model 萊納,你坐啊 Controller WebHook Partner A Partner B Partner C Partner D TFC Classifier Near-duplica/on Detec/on 大哥沒有輸!

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Weapons of Mass Deception (Image) ※ Source from: Worker Intelligence Artificial Intelligence (OCR) New feature - OCR

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Angela Cheng TECH FRESH • Central Team @LINE • NCU CSIE

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※ Source from: Learn & Insights

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Kafka Distributed publish-subscribe messaging system • Data stream becomes clear • Efficient message processing

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Kafka Producer Consumer Topic A From Topic A From Topic B Topic B Mail Distribution Center

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Kafka Partner A Partner B Partner C Partner D SmartText MySQL

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Kafka Kafka Partner A Partner B Partner C Partner D SmartText MySQL

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Elasticsearch Distributed search and analytics engine • Fast search • Address the shortcomings of AI

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Elasticsearch 作者:NiJia 書名:如何成為寶可夢⼤師

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Elasticsearch Compare Pick from ElasticSearch Pick from SmartText User

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Tech Stack

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Developing Process Dev-cluster prod-cluster ArgoCD Kubernetes Update latest image version to repo Development-manifest Repository Maintain K8s configuration Applica4on Repository Build Pipeline Developer Reviewer Push test results and Code coverage to Sonarqube Pull images to deploy Push images to Harbor Webhook sync Create PR Trigger step:test Trigger step: Build and push images Deploy Monitoring 1 9 8 4 2 5 6 7 3 DevOps Code review and Check test result LINE Engineer Blog

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※ Source from: Daily life in TECH FRESH

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Work with mentor ※ Source from:

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Weekly Meeting With Team, Mentor and Planner Life on LINE Coding Archaeology Study Just coding Ancestors’ code, wiki Workshop, Tech Sharing Relaxation Dart, Team Building ※ Source from:

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TO BE AS IS Self School Co-work Influence Paradis Island Marley Unleash Growth Potential

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As a LINER LINE TECHPULSE 2023 Central Dev Team Build 03/20 Enterprise Visiting TECH FRESH Team Build

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THANK YOU Jimmy Huang Master’s student in NTU Angela Cheng Master’s student in UCI