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Skills you need to survive the 21st-century career Renaissanc jo i WordPres

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OVERVIEW Skills needed for WordPressers to survive the 21st-century career. How can we address the skill gap today in education. What are Renaissance jobs?

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Top skills for WordPressers

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WHAT IS THE SKILL THAT MAKES YOU IRREPLACEABLE? 13% of you said that communication is the skill that makes you irreplaceable. My approach to learning Imagination Emotional intelligence

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SKILLS YOU LEARNED AT UNIVERSITY Do you have a university degree? 63% 37% Yes No Communication - Written & oral communication - The ability to defend your opinion - Language skills Other skills - Critical thinking - Problem solving (analysis) - Learning “how to learn” & research

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60% of participants said that development is the most respected professional skill in WordPress . “Few professions today are hotter than that of a software engineer… and yet many foresee automation taking over the work of coding in the near future." Deloitte Review

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Type of skills organisations are seeking to develop over the next years Adaptability/ Flexibility Communications/ Interpersonal skills Technology skills 0 10 20 30 40 50 “Tech is just the enabler – humans matter still. Tech plus soft skills is the Golden Ticket if you have them combined." Greg McKenna, Business Insider Source: Commonwealth Bank Business Insights Report FY19

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Career skills in education

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32% of participants said their degree is directly relevant to their job. Computer Science Software Engineering Graphic Design Digital Media Design Digital Communications Business

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"We’ve entered a time when it’s necessary to have competencies in addition to the credential of a degree." Susan Adams, Forbes

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Renaissance jobs

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Renaissance jobs are jobs that combine technical expertise with expertise in design, project management, or client & customer interaction.

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38% said that the role of learning has never been more important. of survey participants "What the new age of digitisation and constant change means is workers and employers will need to make a commitment to lifelong education to stay current and relevant." Greg McKenna, Business Insider

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Soft skills are in. The role of learning has never been more important. New opportunities to expand knowledge & grow expertise. Communication & learning are the most relevant career skills developed at university. 1. 2. 3. 4.

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450 Survey Participants Nevena Tomovic Business Development Manager at Human Made Thank you!