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Security Best Practices for Agencies

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@VicDrover Panama Papers

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@VicDrover Joomla implicated in data loss

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@VicDrover Threats keep coming

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@VicDrover JED Server Security Incident

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@VicDrover Levels of website security

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@VicDrover Levels of website security

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@VicDrover Levels of website security

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Client Passwords

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@VicDrover Agency Passwords

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@VicDrover Trust extends to your team

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@VicDrover Email security

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@VicDrover Staff

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@VicDrover Disaster Response Plan

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@VicDrover Initial response Who, What, When Emergency contact info Service provider info 1-time use passwords

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Agency 7

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Agency 7

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@VicDrover Security policy Email usage Resource access Password strength Password duration Account sharing Team composition Disaster planning Continuing Education

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@VicDrover Levels of website security Local Remote

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@VicDrover Website: one piece of the puzzle

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@VicDrover PHP Usage

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@VicDrover Webserver security

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@VicDrover Heartbleed

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@VicDrover SSL Report:

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@VicDrover Let’s Encrypt

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@VicDrover Other local issues SSH on non-default port, encryption keys Disable FTP Strong database password Enable logging Disable magic_quotes Disable register_globals

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@VicDrover Levels of website security Local Remote

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@VicDrover Remote services - email

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@VicDrover Remote services - DNS

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@VicDrover Remote services - reverse proxy

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@VicDrover Remote services - reverse proxy

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@VicDrover Levels of website security

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@VicDrover Well-known Joomla best-practices Unique administrator account Disable guest registration Remove Joomla installation directory No FTP password storage Disable Error Reporting

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@VicDrover YourSites MySites Best Practice Scanners

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@VicDrover Enforce strong passwords

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@VicDrover Password control

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@VicDrover Password expiry

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After activation you may login to your website using the following username and password:

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@VicDrover Other site tips Prevention Software firewall (Admin Tools, RS Firewall) Protect admin areas with a password/token Don’t store credit card data locally Don’t share user accounts!!! Log User Activity

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@VicDrover Apply update early & often

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