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Claude Robitaille CTO Accedian Networks Network instrumentation challenges & solutions

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NETWORK INSTRUMENTATION CHALLENGES & SOLUTIONS Core-to-edge visibility for demanding trade flow, compliance and extranet monitoring 2016-06-22 Claude Robitaille CTO

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3 ©2015 ACCEDIAN NETWORKS Company Confidential “For performance, compliance, analytics” INCREASING NEED FOR VISIBILITY The Finance sector is increasingly adopting outsourced services. As a result the Regulatory and Service expectations are driving: • Increasing levels of transparency • Costs • Service levels • Performance This drives the need for greater visibility, analysis, and auditability of data: • Granular, precise Extranet performance assurance for an exceptionally fast, reliable, global infrastructure • Ubiquitous flow capture and time-stamping, for compliance and trade flow analytics analyze and optimize and account for every transaction All this is driving a new breed of instrumentation and analytic capabilities.

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4 ©2015 ACCEDIAN NETWORKS Company Confidential NETWORK LAYER INSTRUMENTATION Graph source, Cisco BQM-PNQM, 2014 CPE PE Flow Metering PM Multi-Flow • FlowMETER™: detect 10ms microbursts • Report min, max, average every second • 1-way utilization, packet loss, availability; latency, delay variation with µs precision Performance & SLA Monitoring • FlowBROKER™: µs precise time-stamping for every packet of interest • Efficient, assured delivery to analyzers • Granular flow filtering and slicing • NetFLOW / IPFix flow sttats Packet Capture for Compliance Logging Micro-Bursting CPE → PE Reported Throughput 6 s 12 18 500 ms 5 minute 10 ms 100 Sampling Rate Service Bandwidth Kbps 0 Monitor & Detect Flow Brokering Remote Packet Capture Trade Flow Analysis & Compliance Reporting Platforms Performance Assurance Orchestration MiFID II Dodd-Frank Capture & Broker “Network Layer Time- Stamped Packet Capture: A Unique Approach to Trade Reporting Compliance.” An elegant approach to time-sensitive flow monitoring, capture, reporting & analytics

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5 ©2015 ACCEDIAN NETWORKS Company Confidential INSTRUMENTATION FOUNDATION: DUAL-PLANE FPGA ARCHITECTURE A high-performance Packet Processor super- imposed with a sophisticated Layer 2/3/4 Test Engine, tightly interconnected in a single chip. •Allows Test Engine to surgically inject test sequences into live traffic without disruption. •Allows Packet Processor to filtering, capture, and timestamp without disruption •Measures traffic, utilization and performance accurately and transparently – non-intrusive. Provides unparalleled ability to test from within the network. Use in or out of line — introduces near-zero latency Packet Processor Layer 2/3/4 T&M

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6 ©2015 ACCEDIAN NETWORKS Company Confidential MICROBURST DETECTION Assuring trading integrity & performance

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7 ©2015 ACCEDIAN NETWORKS Company Confidential “You can’t control what you can’t see.” ASSURING EXECUTION SPEED 1. Low- Latency • High Frequency Trading (HFT) trading is ultra-competitive. Architectures that deliver the lowest latency solution are the difference between profit and loss. 2. Accurate Measurements in Sub-Second Timescales • Traditional network measurements take place over timescales of seconds and minutes: providing little or no insight into behavior at the ms, µs and ns timescales that determine success 3. Throughput Micro-Burst Reporting • Activity on the network occurs in bursts, which cause queues to build up and buffers to overflow. Visibility into these short-lived conditions is central to understanding network performance.

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8 ©2015 ACCEDIAN NETWORKS Company Confidential 5 SEC Measure Every 1 SEC Loss Measure Every 0.1 SEC max avg min Measure Every 15 SEC Link Capacity Utilization Measure Every A NEW LEVEL OF INSIGHT ● SAMPLING SPEED “Effects of Sampling Frequency • Same Data Set” No Problem Big Problem Small Problem No Problem Increasing Sampling Speed & Adding Statistical Perspectives Changes Everything

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9 ©2015 ACCEDIAN NETWORKS Company Confidential EXTRANET PM USE CASE ● DEPLOYMENT ARCHITECTURE Core Network PE Router Aggregation Router Carrier Network FS Provider Managed Last Mile Network FS FS CPE Router Traders LAN Core Network Customer or Carrier Network Customer’s Manager Last Mile Network FS FS CPE Router Traders LAN Customer Switch Customer Switch

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10 ©2015 ACCEDIAN NETWORKS Company Confidential DISTRIBUTED PACKET CAPTURE For compliance and trade flow analysis

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11 ©2015 ACCEDIAN NETWORKS Company Confidential A CASE FOR NETWORK-LAYER INSTRUMENTATION: MIFID II TIMESTAMPING / AUDIT Synchronise the clocks across every software application (requiring a costly upgrade to every system in the bank) and store data from EVERY individual flow into a single repository? OR source the data from a single source, the NETWORK, giving a secure, synchronised and timestamped audit record. level of accuracy presents some tough choices….

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12 ©2015 ACCEDIAN NETWORKS Company Confidential Intelligent, Efficient Brokering • Granular: per-filter truncation rules • Precise: microsecond time-stamping • Efficient: bundles captured packets for transit • Lossless: TCP-based capture relay to VCX controller • Complete: jumbo frame support for any network MTU Brokered bandwidth << 10% of original flows Ultra-Low Overhead Permits: Continuous Monitoring concurrent On-Demand Troubleshooting FlowBROKER™ DISTRIBUTED PACKET BROKER Lossless Transit (LAN / WAN) Solution Components: Control Count Stream (Broker) Store Unbundle Classify Slice Bundle µs-precise Capture Timestamp Remote Capture Engine (RCE)

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13 ©2015 ACCEDIAN NETWORKS Company Confidential Capture Anywhere Required: Assured Delivery • Lossless packet brokering: analyze critical flows - transactional, sync, control • Locate analyzers remotely without sacrificing data capture quality • Controller automatically verifies bandwidth availability • Authenticated session setup for secure capture control • Prioritized drop with loss accounting if session disrupted Minimize Investment Required Maximize Analyzer Use DISTRIBUTED PACKET BROKERING Unified data access for multi-vendor, multi-layer, multi-domain networks Trade Flow Analyzers / Regulartory Compliance Logging It is impractical and cost prohibitive to position and place analyzers in close proximity to every important tap point — to achieve the optimal and functionally acceptable packet analyzing environment — so instead, FlowBROKER™ brings the tap points to the analyzers. “Cost-Efficient, Complete L2-7 Visibility, Network Wide”

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14 ©2015 ACCEDIAN NETWORKS Company Confidential ACHIEVING TOTAL NETWORK INSTRUMENTATION COVERAGE FS / FSX Elements Instrumentation Performance Assurance Orchestration Platform Connectivity In-Line or Out Visibility FPGA-Based Packet Processing & Analysis 0.1 µs 0.1s Applications Packet Capture & Time-Stamping ● Microburst & Gap Detection ● Bandwidth Utilization ● Latency (sub-µs) ● Loss ● Packet Loss ● TCP Performance, … Extranet Performance & SLA Monitoring ● MiFID II Compliance ● Trade-Flow Monitoring * FIX = Financial Information eXchange OMS = Order Management System ALGO = ALGORITHMIC TRADING MAL = Market Access Layer

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15 ©2015 ACCEDIAN NETWORKS Company Confidential APPLICATION: FRONT OFFICE TRADE FLOW ANALYTICS Member Trade analytics – reassemble financial instrument execution performance using centralized, in-memory analytics Combine rich data points with meaningful calculations based on infrastructure-wide intelligence. Enables business-flow level analysis: • Insight into Order Volumes • Trade fill-rates, per-client performance • Across all front-to-back flows • Trade and Order performance metrics • Connectivity latencies and throughput • Client-level SLAs and analytics • True tick-to-trade statistics Distributed, remote packet capture enables:

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16 ©2015 ACCEDIAN NETWORKS Company Confidential THANK YOU See us at stand 7 for a live demo: Extranet performance monitoring & exchange client portal