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Close the gender gap by empowering and educating women in the technology field. n

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Our Mission Close the gender gap by empowering and educating women in technology field Our Activity - Provide tech opportunities to girls in middle school and high school - Advocate the importance of gender equality in IT industry to the government. Waffle (Nonprofit) @Waffle_org #ITをカラフルに Asumi Co-founder, Waffle Previously.. Data Scientist MS in Econometrics

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% of female students in college STEM programs (OECD) Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics programmes (2017, OECD) Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction programmes (2017, OECD) 50% 26.0% 14.1%

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What prevents women from studying STEM? ● Stereotype & unconscious bias have large effects on students’ choices. Media and Society When a student sees a role model, it doubles the interest in STEM** Parent(s)/Guardian(s) A daughter gets 20% less encouragement to pursue STEM career than a son* School teachers Only 30% of STEM teachers are women. Female teachers increase girls’ interests in STEM*** *PISA(2018), **Microsoft(2018), ***内閣府委託調査「女子生徒等の理工系進路選択支援に向けた生徒等の意識に関する調査研究」 stereotyped

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How to change? ● When a student feels a sense of belonging to math, s/he tends to pursue studying the major ● Show what is a typical day for a researcher

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What We Do (1/4) Waffle Camp The only coding class for girls in Japan @Waffle_org #ITをカラフルに

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When I learnt HTML in school, it was boring. But in Waffle Camp, it was really interesting to code the idea in my head and to see the idea is getting to be a website. It broaden the view of the future career choice and overall it was very exciting!! It was very interesting to hear the story of working in so many countries!! Also I learned how important to study English and not to give up anything just because I am a woman. Waffle Camp encouraged me to work hard! Voices

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What We Do (2/4) Technovation Girls The international competition for future women tech entrepreneurs @Waffle_org #ITをカラフルに Please let me know if you are interested in Sponsors & volunteers

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What We Do (3/4) Collaboration with companies We bring success to your girls-in-tech event @Waffle_org #ITをカラフルに iamtheCODE hackathon

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What We Do (4/4) Advocacy To change the country of 121st place in the gender inequality ranking @Waffle_org #ITをカラフルに With the Minister Hashimoto, the Gender Equality Cabinet Office Asahi Shinbun 2020/9/11

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How you can support ● Be visible! ● Share this to male learders ● Waffle opportunities ○ Technovation sponsor ● Contact ○ Twitter: @AsumiWaffle, @Waffle_org ○ email: ○ Facebook ○ LinkedIn Thank you!

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”The gendergap in computing is getting worse”. Girls Who Code., (access date2017-10-3) Leaking pipe (Computer Science, US)

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Leaking pipe (Math, Japan) Morinaga(2017) 3rd to 6th grades in elementary school (9 to 12 yo) 2nd, 3rd grade in middle school (13 to 15 yo) ● In elementary school, there is no difference of motivation and scores between male and female students ● From 2nd to 3rd grade in middle school, female students have less motivation in studying math and gets lower scores

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What prevents women from studying STEM? ● It’s not about scores but motivation ● The parents and the teachers have a large effect on students’ motivation ● When female students get gender biased comments on math and science, they report lower self-evaluation on the scores and put lower emphasis on the subjects *PISA(2018), **Microsoft(2018), ***内閣府委託調査「女子生徒等の理工系進路選択支援に向けた生徒等の意識に関する調査研究」 environment (parents and teachers) gender stereotype gender bias lower motivation lower interest

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Parents ● A mother’s stereotype influences the daughter’s STEM motivation ● A daughter gets 20% less encouragement to pursue STEM career than a son ● A student who likes science answers more yes to “My mother thinks science is important” and “My parents will be happy if I get a job in science/engineering” than a student who does not like science *PISA(2018), **Microsoft(2018), ***内閣府委託調査「女子生徒等の理工系進路選択支援に向けた生徒等の意識に関する調査研究」 What shaped your career image? Who was the most influential on career choice? 33% Mother 20% Mother (middle school) (higher education)

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Teachers ● Female teachers increase girls’ interests in STEM ○ similar tendency was observed in both Japan and US ● However, only 30% of STEM teachers are women. *PISA(2018), **Microsoft(2018), ***内閣府委託調査「女子生徒等の理工系進路選択支援に向けた生徒等の意識に関する調査研究」 All male At least 1 female female students’ choice of major by the gender of STEM teacher and probably science science 22.5% 33.8%

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Media/Society ● When a student sees a role model, it doubles the interest in STEM** ● The lower the percentage of female STEM researcher, the stronger gender stereotype is *PISA(2018), **Microsoft(2018), ***内閣府委託調査「女子生徒等の理工系進路選択支援に向けた生徒等の意識に関する調査研究」