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CLIENT FOCUSED| SUCCESS DRIVEN Background Screening Business Optimization and Innovation

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About Us

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Principal Advisors Terry Corley Tara Lukach Business Domain Advisors Nancy Alt Chris Shyrock Kym Kurey Who We Are

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Technology Enablement Platform Enhancement / Globalization, Integrations, Data Services, Process Automation, Architecture & Development Compliance & Global Privacy Background Screening Strategy & Optimization What We Do Client Focused | Success Driven

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Background Screeners seeking to grow and scale their business but experience various roadblocks and glass ceilings to include marginal or flat sales and marketing results. Background Screeners striving to meet new and emerging technology related challenges such as third-party service delivery platform obstacles, integrations, US and global functionality, compliance and privacy requirements, to automating manual workflows, and data services. Background Screeners struggling to meet new and emerging U.S. and Global privacy and compliance requirements to include technology, consent & disclosure workflows, data retention, data and process flows as required by regulations. What Problems Do We Solve?

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System Architecture –Scalable, configurable and cost-effective platform advisory. Delivering data strategy; enabling U.S. and Global background screening capabilities. Integrations – ATS Integration platforms, Client Integrations (configurable through GUI), Vendor Integrations (Avoid Lock-in). Automated Data Services – Criminal Records, Sex Offenders, Motor Vehicle Records, Verifications, Drug Screening, Fingerprinting and International products. Client & Candidate Experience - Ease of Use, Simple, Intuitive, Timely Reports. Continued…

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U.S. & Global Operations Analysis, Performance, Process & Profitability Enhancement Assist background screeners identify operational and technological efficiencies, process improvements & opportunities to enhance profitability in their existing background screening business lines. U.S. & Global Background Screening Strategic Advisory Evaluate and implement strong strategic solutions to stay ahead of the competition and changing landscape. Global Data Privacy Advisory Full-scope, impact assessments and audits of background screeners compliance with GDPR and EU-US Privacy Shield requirements. Deep Industry Knowledge

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Background Screening Business Series Sessions Basics, Compliance, CRA Operations, Client Services/Account Management, and Sales Group & 1-1 Coaching Sessions Weekly, Monthly Coaching Session (6 & 12 month plans available) Calls are recorded and provide for review and cataloging On-Site Services On-boarding, client advocacy, employment engagement, compliance, and other industry business specific topics Products & Training Services Background Screening Resource Library, Custom Publication Center Industry US & Global Market Analysis Reports, Product & Compliance Manager's Handbooks, Running Lean as a Background Screening Organization, Handbook to Global Background Screening, Country Essential Guides…

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Conducted over 50 U.S. and overseas CRA business assessments, identified business gaps, provided new product development engagements, and Go-to- Market Strategies for Employee Screening. Conducted over 25 GDPR and EU-US Privacy Shield Audits in 2018 and program managed remediation measures with U.S. and International data privacy requirements. Developed multiple ATS and client integrations into existing platforms enabling significant revenue growth and client satisfaction. Initiated integrations platform for clients who use to accelerate ATS and client integrations with little to no coding – improving time to market. Sample Projects

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Industry Thought Leadership Objective, Qualitative & Quantitative Approach Data, Metrics, and KPI Driven Deep Technical Expertise What Makes Us Unique?

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11 Revenue Engine Enablement Review, gather, assess then re-engineer background screening business revenue engine… Business Optimization Review, gather, assess then ID potential business processes and workflows for optimization opportunities… Technology Enablement Review, gather, assess, then ID gaps and lock-in risks, map current state to future state, explore technology solutions… Privacy & Compliance Full-scope, impact assessments and audits, ID gaps, map current state to future state, remediations… Going Global Review, gather, assess then prepare Global Go-to-Market Strategy… Our Approach

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Define Business Objectives Analysis of Human Capital Functional Capacities • Review, examine and inventory skills, experience, documentation (work & data flows) and procedures; o General Administration o Research / Production o Compliance, Privacy, Q/A o Vendor Management o Product Management o Customer Service o Sales / Marketing • Identification of gaps supported by recommendations • Map current state to future state Analysis of Technology Systems • Examine SaaS or Proprietary delivery systems o Platform architecture o Software architecture o User Interfaces o Third-party data provider integrations o ATS integrations options • Identification of gaps & lock- in risks • Map current state to future state • Explore technology solutions Map out manageable business and technology goals • Develop operations & product road map • Develop technology road map • Identify and align to process • Leverage existing teams and technology Result: Operations Strategy Technology Strategy EPIC 1: Gather & Assess Current CRA Operations LOE: 80 - 120 Person Week EPIC 3: Design & Develop Go-to-Market Strategy LOE: TBD EPIC 2: Gather & Analyze Technology LOE: 100 Person Week Project manage detailed project plans; business requirements, operations plan, architecture, development, testing and deployment support EPIC 4: Execution, Project Manage, Development, and Deployment Our Approach Continued

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13 Kick-off Session Document Collection Functional Assessment Gap Analysis Assessments are prepared and organized functionally so that stakeholders can easily review information pertinent to their department. Project Post-Mortem Executive Briefing Gather & Assess Design & Develop Strategic Plan Functional / Dept Documentation / Asset Inventory Requests Remote briefing with stakeholders to set the stage for assessment 1:1 Interviews w/stakeholders Collate results from document collection and functional 1:1(s), identification of gaps, map current state to future state Onsite / Remote briefing with executive team to debrief results of assessment, deliver recommendations and remediations Map out manageable business and or technology goals resulting in either a go-to-market strategy, operations, product, sales, and or technology strategy….

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Provide All Resources; Product Development, Technical Direction & Develop entire system } Aletheia owns project management, product development/SME, architecture, development, unit testing } CRA resources stay focused on other important projects } Aletheia provides weekly stakeholder updates to key leaders } CRA continues to own system testing, deployments; all releases align with CRA plans Provide overall Product Development and Technical Direction } Aletheia owns project management, product development/SME, and architecture } CRA owns technical development and all testing (in addition to deployments…) } Significant CRA cost savings by developing and testing internally - but… moves CRA resources off other important projects during development Example Development Options

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Short Term Project Based or CXO Models Advisory support contracted for a pre- defined number of hours on a re-occurring monthly basis. Client decides scope and where priority is applied. Bi-weekly Stakeholder Meetings. Fixed Project Models Pre-negotiated fixed cost for a complete project/engagement, which in turn is linked to well defined scope and related deliverables. Long Term Project Based Model Large or long-term requirements need proper estimation and are broken down into manageable EPICs. Weekly Stakeholder Meetings. Flexible Engagement Options

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Questions. Aletheia Advisory [email protected] o. 678.372.4394