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My journey to becoming a Global QA Engineer Oluwatomi Familoni Association of Nigerian Software Testers Annual Conference | Dec 11th, 2021

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Hello! I am Tomi Familoni QA Engineer | Software Quality Advocate | Certified Test Manager 2

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Table of Content ● Who is a global talent? ● Positioning myself as a global talent ● Securing a global job ● Excelling at the global job 3

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Who is a Global Talent? What does the phrase `global talent’ mean? 1

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“ A global talent is an individual with multiple skill set that can help a business grow in any given market and be able to work with an international company effectively. - Ernest Gundling. 5

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A global talent is… ● Multiple skill set ● Help business grow ● ‘any’ means versatility ● International/World class; not just meet local standards ● Effective : successfully producing desired result for which you were employed. 6

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What does the hiring manager want? What are they looking to see in a `global talent’? 2

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Skill set of a global QA Engineer Technical dexterity - Frameworks; UI, API - Programming Lang - Tools Software Testing Well versed with software testing practices, concepts, processes and their application Object Oriented Programming Foundations of Programming 8

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Cultural fit Soft skills, team collaboration, values, good fit for the company. Skill set of a global QA Engineer Value Ability to solve problems and grasp concepts quickly. 9

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Positioning myself as a Global talent How do you position yourself to be a sought after global talent? 10

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Position your brand ● CV ● LinkedIn ● Social Network ● Github ● Job platforms 11 Positioning yourself as a Global talent

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Upskilling ● Test Automation: Picking up relevant frameworks and tools ○ Test Automation University ○ Udemy ● Not relenting; continuous learning 12 Positioning yourself as a Global talent

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Being diligent at my present job ● Building capacity ● Feeds my experience and what to share during interviews ● Referrals 13 Positioning yourself as a Global talent

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14 Getting a global job

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Your CV Keywords that match JD Void of irrelevant things Highlight skills, tools and frameworks 15 Getting a global job

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The interviews to get the global job 16 Capability Interest Fit Aesth etics Getting a global job

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Interviews JD Evaluation Interviews; chat to confirm details shared in CV and on your application. Technical Interviews; take-home exercise, share-your-screen exercise/whiteboard coding interview. Cultural interviews; behavioural, cultural questions and other important aesthetics. 17 Getting a global job

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Tips ● Be prepared to put in the work. Interviews require preparedness. ● Don’t be discouraged by rejections ○ Rejection is merely a call to restrategise, recalibrate and a call for redirection. ● Be uniquely different. 18 Getting a global job

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Excelling at my global job. 19

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Five joker questions [Harvard Business Review] How will I create value? How am I expected to behave? Whose support is critical? 20 How will I get some early wins? What skills do I need to develop to excel in this role? excelling at a global job

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Excelling at a global job ● Being Diligent; do it for the hood ● Trust and Accountability ● Taking Ownership ● The Bees : Be Present , Proactive, Indispensable ● Blow your trumpet but be careful not to make too much noise while at it. 21

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Challenges ● Going the extra mile to prove myself ● Cultural differences 22

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23 Thanks! Any questions?

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📌 Let’s connect 🌏 Linkedin: Oluwatomi Familoni Web: Twitter: Tomi-Familoni Github: Tomi-Familoni