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Institute for Software Integrated Systems Vanderbilt University Building Your Own Autograder in NetsBlox Brian Broll and Clifford Anderson [email protected]

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Before we start... 2

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Brief Intro to NetsBlox ▪ NetsBlox is an extension of Snap! which provides many new features such as: ▪ Networking Capabilities ▪ Undo Capabilities ▪ Collaborative Editing ▪ Shared Projects ▪ Sharing libraries ▪ and more! ▪ One of the new networking concepts is Remote Procedure Calls which enables users to invoke code implemented remotely. Examples include: ▪ Google Maps ▪ Cloud Variables ▪ Autograders 3

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Motivation ▪ Easier to adopt into curriculum ▪ More conducive to some contexts: ▪ (structured) independent study ▪ MOOCs ▪ Enables the creation of a library of activities which could be easily used as bell ringers or other small activities ▪ Building these in NetsBlox simplifies creation and facilitates reuse and remixing! 4 Documentation is available at

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Overview ▪ Create the autograder in NetsBlox and get a URL ▪ Share the URL with students ▪ The URL will load NetsBlox with the autograded activities available! 5[%22https: // ian/NetsBlox%20Exercises.js%22]

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Hands-on Activities! 6

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Questions? 7