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© 2014 VMware Inc. All rights reserved. VMware Integrated OpenStack (Beta) Arvind Soni, Sr Product Manager, VMware Laurence Vandeyar, Sr. Systems Engineer, TradeStation by

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Agenda Recap OpenStack @ VMworld VMware + OpenStack • Is OpenStack interesting for your Private Cloud? • OpenStack in VMware Private Cloud User Story: OpenStack @ TradeStation VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO) (Beta) • Current OpenStack Challenges • VIO Basics • Demo • Key Features & Benefits Summary Q&A 2

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SDDC: A Unified Platform for Traditional & Modern Applications Resilience Security QoS Traditional Apps OS App Virt HW Software-Defined Data Center ESXi, NSX, Virtual SAN On-premise Off-premise OS App Virt HW OS App Virt HW OS App Virt HW OS App Virt HW Agility Portability Modern Apps Container OS Hadoop Kubernetes / Docker OS App Virt HW OS App Virt HW Cloud Foundry OpenStac k OS App Virt HW Virt HW App App App App OS App Virt HW Spring Any Hardware Open Cloud APIs • Contribute to open source projects. • Differentiate with SDDC value. • Enable customers to easily adopt. CONFIDENTIAL 3

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2014 2013 2010 2011 2012 Contribute: Strong, Comprehensive OpenStack Engagement OpenStack Project Created by Rackspace & NASA Open vSwitch Project Created by Nicira OpenStack Networking “Neutron” project started, led by Nicira. VMware acquires Nicira, Joins OpenStack Foundation as Gold member. VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO) Beta Announced. NSX+Neutron vSphere+Nova vSphere+Cinder vSphere+Glance vSphere+Ceilometer Key OpenStack Distros Announce Support for vSphere & NSX in their OpenStack distros. 414 Commits 21 Developers 66,488 Lines-of-Code VMware Icehouse: #4 contributor to core projects. 3770 Patches Reviewed Ecosystem Upstream Contributions “Congress” Policy

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VMware + OpenStack

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OpenStack Delivers Cloud-Style APIs & Services for Developers CONFIDENTIAL 6 Application DevOps team provision code update scale up/down Scripts / code API calls OpenStack IaaS Cloud app mgmt tool or Workloads Targeted for OpenStack • Primarily new workloads, or “repatriated” applications from a public cloud. Very few Tier-1 workloads (“IT Ops”) • Common examples: • Scale-out SaaS/Web applications, mobile back-ends • Dev/Build/Test, Continuous Integration • Research / batch-processing: data analytics, encoding, simulation, etc. Is OpenStack Interesting for your Private Cloud?

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Hypervisor Network virtualization Storage Solution Infa Services: API + Driver Infra Consumption Tools Virtualization Technologies 7 Cloud Operations + Managemnet Hardware Technologies Cloud Management Application Mgmt, Financial Reporting… Cloud Operations Monitoring, Diagnostics … Closer Look at OpenStack in Private Cloud OpenStack Needs • Underlying SW/HW Infra Products • Cloud Operations, Mgmt Products Private Cloud Web Portal Compute Services Network Services Storage Services OpenStack APIs/ SDKs CLI Tools OpenStack Framework OpenStack Delivers • Developer Friendly, Cloud Style APIs • Vendor-Neutral Services

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Hypervisor Web Portal Compute Services Network Services Storage Services OpenStack APIs/ SDKs/ CLIs Network virtualization Storage Solution Cloud Management (Application Mgmt, Financial Reporting …) Cloud Operations (Monitoring, Diagnostics …) OpenStack in VMware Private Cloud Best-of-breed VMware SDDC + OpenStack Cloud Style API & Services NSX ESX & vCenter VSAN/ vSphere Datastores OpenStack in VMware Private Cloud Application/ DevOps Team Cloud Infrastructure Team OpenStack Framework Cloud Management (vCAC, ITBM…) Cloud Operations (vCOPs, LogInsight…)

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VMware SDDC Infra Products Horizon (web portal) Nova (Compute) Neutron (Network) Cinder (Block Storage) OpenStack APIs/ SDKs/ CLIs Enterprise Grade Foundation for your OpenStack Cloud NSX ESX & vCenter VSAN/ vSphere Datastores OpenStack Framework VMDK Driver* NSX Driver* vCenter Driver* *All VMware drivers are Open Source Any Hardware OpenStack is fully functional on vSphere, NSX & VSAN

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Enterprise Grade Foundation for your OpenStack Cloud Cinder (Block Storage) + vSphere/VSAN • Single driver works with wide range of validated NAS/SAN solutions • Leverage VSAN to smartly consume SDD & local disks with granular control • VSAN delivers perfect balance of cost & performance for OpenStack Nova (Compute) + vSphere • Purpose Built Hypervisor with proven performance, reliability and security • DRS & SDRS provide higher VM density & avoid “noisy neighbor” problems • HA & vMotion protect valuable VMs Neutron (Networking) + NSX • Advanced Security and Multi-Tenancy (Micro- Segmentation, Overlay) • Complete NW services with massive scale & throughput (Switching, Routing, Security, Load Balancing, QoS, HA) • Integrations with Networking Ecosystem

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VMware + OpenStack : Summary Thus far… 1 1 … industry leading data center virtualization technologies that enterprise IT already knows how to operate. An industry-wide API + tool ecosystem that cloud application developers love…

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OpenStack + VMware @ TradeStation by Laurence Vandeyar - Sr System Engineer, TradeStation Technologies, Inc. • Cloud Engineering and Automation Subject Matter Expert Contact Info • 12

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About TradeStation TradeStation Technologies, Inc. offers the TradeStation analysis and trading platform to the active trader and certain institutional trader markets. – The TradeStation platform offers electronic order execution and enables clients to design, test, optimize, monitor and automate their own custom trading strategies. • Equities • Options • Futures • Forex – Total Client Assets (2013) – $3,537,000,000

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Our Public Cloud Usage Popular Public Cloud Provider • Value – Very little Friction(VM in minutes) – Quickly Scale – OpEx vs CapEx

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Hosting an Internal IaaS Cloud • Deliver similar value • Increased Security • Engineering use Public Cloud • Power/Cooling per Rack U • SAN Infrastructure (SFPs, Cabling) • Storage per TB • VMware Licensing and Support per Core  Detailed Cost Benefit Analysis Private IaaS Cloud Deliver Similar Value in a Cost Effective Way on Private Cloud.

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Evaluated Private Cloud Options “Engineering Cloud” – 3 Tier Applications (Web, App, DB) – API – Self Service – Orchestration compatibility with CloudFormation

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OpenStack • OpenStack (Community Version) – Pros • Orchestration Compatible with CloudFormation – Cons • KVM Hypervisor is not HA – Cloud users should have no perceived downtime • Flat Networking – Applications reside in multiple network segments • No Enterprise Support – Full Stack Support is critical

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OpenStack, vSphere, NSX • Enterprise Ready – Highly Available • HA/ DRS with vSphere – Rich Networking • Complex Networking Workloads with NSX – Fully Supported • Full Stack Support • One Number to Call Web VM App 1 VM DB VM App 2 VM Protect with HA Optimal Placement with DRS L3 Virtual Router L2 Networking Multiple Isolated L2 Segments

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High Level Architecture 19 ESX Server • VLAN’s (transport zone) – OpenStack • MGMT – Compute Cluster Gateway VLANs • Internal • Load Balancer • Public Facing • Public IP Addressing – One to one NAT-ing • Nova Compute driver for VMware vCenter – Add capacity either simply add ESX host to cluster – Or add complete new cluster

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After Deployment Operational Dashboard – Health, Uptime, Errors – Monitoring, Alerting, Response Times – Forecasting Usage, Metering Lease Times not included default in OpenStack – Eg Virtual Machine only exist for say 2weeks. CONFIDENTIAL 20

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Summary 1. OpenStack is a Cloud Consumption Framework • Leverage Heat with CloudFormation description to build environments • Build VMs via Command line

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22 VMware Integrated OpenStack (Beta)

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23 VMware + OpenStack : Next Step 2 … industry leading data center virtualization technologies that enterprise IT already knows how to operate. An industry-wide API + tool ecosystem that cloud application developers love… Contribute One of the largest contributors to the OpenStack project Differentiate Enterprise Grade Foundation for your OpenStack cloud Enable Tools to simplify deployment and operations of OpenStack on VMware

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24 Current OpenStack Challenges Install Time to Value Complexity Low High Monitor Troubleshoot Scale Up/Down Upgrades & Patches EASIER FASTER Our Goal Leverage Customers’ Existing VMware Expertise Our Goal Leverage VMware SDDC Products

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25 VMware Integrated OpenStack VMware Integrated OpenStack (Beta) Basics vCloud Suite vCenter Server NSX Controller ESXi VSAN / vSphere Datastores NSX vSwitch vCenter Server vCenter Operations Log Insight Nova (Compute) vCenter Driver Cinder (Block Storage) VMDK Driver Glance (Image Catalog) VMDK Driver Neutron (Networking) NSX Driver OpenStack Services OpenStack IaaS APIs VMware Optimized OpenStack Install + Management • VMware OpenStack Distribution • Delivered as a virtual appliance • Leverage all components of vCloud Suite to install and manage OpenStack

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26 Demo

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27 VMware Integrated OpenStack (Beta) CONFIDENTIAL – MATERIAL UNDER NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT 2 Horizon (web portal) CLI Tools / SDKs vCAC / ITBM Cost visibility, governance, etc. vCenter Nova (compute) Neutron (network) Cinder (block storage) Glance (images) vCenter Datastores 3rd-party / Virtual SAN Heat, Trove, Ceilometer, etc. (Additional higher layer services in future releases) Keystone (identity) Local DB & LDAP SSO Log Insight Log collection, O/S Content pack NSX vCOPs OpenStack mgmt packs  Based on the “OpenStack Icehouse” release  Open source code packaged, hardened, and supported by VMware  Leveraging rich management capabilities of the vCloud Suite Included OpenStack Components: Integrated VMware Technologies: Current Future Swift (object store) Basic open source vSphere Web Client Install, Configure and Troubleshoot EMC ViPR

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28 ViPR: Modern Application Platform for OpenStack Leverage ViPR Object Service Capabilities with VIO • Geo-Replicated Data Protection • Single Global Namespace • Active-Active read/write support with strong consistency • No single point of failure • Performance and efficiency for small and large objects ViPR Object Platform Features • Fault-tolerant, highly available enterprise- grade Object Storage Platform for OpenStack • Elastic, geo-scale architecture that meets growing business needs Benefit ViPR Storage Engine Swift ViPR Services OBJECT STORAGE BLOCK STORAGE HDFS STORAGE VIO Commodity Platforms Storage Arrays VNX Isilon XIO 3rd Party VMAX

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29 VIO Empowers VMware Administrators to Successfully Deliver & Operate OpenStack in Production. Simplified OpenStack Operations • Common OpenStack admin tasks automated from vCenter • vCOPs integrations for monitoring & troubleshooting OpenStack • LogInsight integration for diagnostics across dozens of OpenStack service logs No OpenStack PhD Required! • OpenStack delivered as an Virtual Appliance • Simple Install from vSphere Web Client • Configure OpenStack using familiar clusters, datastores • OpenStack automatically deployed with HA & Scale- out architecture Enterprise Grade OpenStack Cloud • Robust, proven foundation – vSphere, NSX & VSAN • Differentiated OpenStack cloud with rich infra features • OpenStack code hardened and tested by VMware Single Vendor Support Unified VMware Support for • OpenStack code • Underlying Infra Products • Installation & Operations Products • Upgrades/patches

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30 VIO Release follows Community OpenStack Release Community GA Version X Community GA Version X+1 VIO GA VMware OpenStack on Version X • Testing & Hardening • Upgrade/Patch readiness VIO GA VMware OpenStack on Version X+1 OpenStack Community Release VIO Release

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31 VMware Integrated OpenStack (Beta) Logistics CONFIDENTIAL • Private Beta is Live. • More info, along with Beta Request Access @ Beta Goal: • Deliver Production Grade OpenStack in your VMware Datacenter • Solicit Feedback & Prepare VIO for GA

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32 Summary VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO) is an OpenStack distribution optimized to run on VMware SDDC products. Leverage Your Existing VMware Expertise & Investments VIO OpenStack in Your VMware Private Cloud

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33 Questions? More info at: Meet with OpenStack Team @ VMware Booth on Expo Floor OpenStack Sessions @ VMworld US 2014 SDDC1580S Spotlight Session on VMware + OpenStack Mon 11:30-12:30 pm STO1491 From Clouds to Bits: Exploring the Software Defined Storage Lifecycle Mon 2:30-3:30pm SDDC2370 Why OpenStack runs best with the vCloud Suite? Tues 2:30-3:30 pm SDDC2198 VMware OpenStack End-to-End Demo Wed 2-3 pm NET1592 Under the Hood: Network Virtualization with OpenStack Neutron and VMware NSX Wed 2-3 pm SPL-SDC-1420 Hands on Lab: OpenStack on vSphere+NSX (all days)