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Actions on Google Latest Updates November 26 2018, Yoichiro Tanaka

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Yoichiro Tanaka Software Engineer / IT Architect Google Developers Expert (Assistant, Web)

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30 months after the Google Assistant launched on Google I/O 2016

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Google Home Hub has a display to show various information.

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Rich responses Very important pieces for Smart Display to bring values more visuality. ● Basic card ● Browsing carousel ● Suggestion chip ● Media responses ● Table card ● List ● Carousel

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Smart Home actions should provide states of the IoT device in real-time by the REPORT STATE. What is the temperature in the house? Link 28 degree Set the house to 25 25 degree Unlink SYNC QUERY EXECUTE DISCONECT 23 degree REPORT STATE

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Transactions Supported transaction types: ● Physical transactions with Google Pay ● Physical transactions with marchant-managed payments ● Digital goods transactions Deprecated transaction type: ● Transactions without payments ○ Don't use this type for your new actions!

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actions-on-google-nodejs Current version number is "2.5.0" You should always use the latest version because each version includes some bug fixes.

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Google Duplex is rolling out for some Google Pixel owners in New York, Atlanta, Phoenix and San Francisco.

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Routine Suggestion App Actions Android Slices Coming soon

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Google Groups Slack Assistant Developer Community Japan