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Modern SaaS is Real-Time SaaS Gwen Shapira

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We’ll Talk About Who needs real time analytics? SaaS Use-Cases Architectures

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Real-Time Capabilities Fresh Responsive Slice and Dice Accurate

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Real-Time Capabilities BI analysts and internal business units don’t need real-time data Data drives decisions and actions. Business strategy doesn’t change every 20ms

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Real-Time Capabilities Your *customers* need real-time data They are collaborating in real time They can react fast and need to They want to trust you

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“In God we trust, all others vendors must bring data.” W. Edward Deming

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2015-2017 2010-2013 2006 1996 1960 1999

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SaaS is not: “Run an app on someone else’s computer”

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Consistent low latency is table stakes.

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Security and Compliance are table stakes.

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Real-Time Collaboration From “run the app” to multi-tenant to real-time collaboration

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Data Driven Experience ● Personalized ● In-app metrics ● Usage based billing ● Data Features

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External Dashboards are Deceptively Simple… Production DB

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Is this it? DWH ETL APIs Query

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“A Database can’t do everything but a data platform could” Sriram Subraminian, CEO of Stealth Startup

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Reverse ETL: Common Pattern with Downsides Big Data Lake House ?? APIs Kafka Serving K/V Store

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Analytics DB Designed for Real-Time Analytics in Production

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Production Data Platform with Real-Time Analytics Analytics DB Secure Data Access Layer Service Service Service Queries APIs RDBMS Kafka Kafka

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Summary Your *Customers* Need Real-Time Data Modern SaaS: Collaborative and Data-Rich Requires a Production Data Platform

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