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PINK-PONG All About Music

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CREATIVE PLATFORM based in Berlin. Pink-pong is driven by their own blogazine, self- organized events, artist-rooster and a record label. . WE WRITE about everything we like from music we publish, to events that rock, lifestyle, music recommendations and new discoveries in different segments. ABOUT US   All About Music

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OUR CONSTELLATION   A BROAD CONSTALLATION allows us to connect blog-content, artist projects and events to cumulate impacts of messages ideally through our whole network. WEBSHOP BOOKING LABEL EVENTS BLOG BLOG EVENTS LABEL BOOKING WEBSHOP All About Music

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I HEART BEAT reports about many talents of the indie-scene and organizes events plus concerts at White Trash Berlin. INTERVIEWS which showcases many artists (and soon brands), that share their thoughts with us. LIFESTYLE deals with trendy consumer goods, cool activities and/or daily gossip floating around the Internet. ON TOUR is a format which provides travel stories to different places like countries, cities or even concerts and tour-activities of our artists. NEWSLETTER which informs you about event highlights, newest releases on our label, lotteries, story highlights and behind the scenes content. OUR FORMATS   All About Music LOTTERY is a common tool to promote events or products. We organize lotteries regularly for a variety of clients.

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CONNECT WITH PINK-PONG   Februar 2012 All About Music YOUR BRAND Sponsored Story! (6.200 unique visits/month) Facebook Fan-Page Reference (3.755 Fans) Distribution on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram (Reach ca. 2.000) SHARES LIKES SHARES LIKES Newsletter (2.800 Subscribers)

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§  6.200 unique visitors a month §  15.000 page-views a month §  3.755 Facebook fans §  2.800 Newsletter subscribers §  925 Twitter followers §  1.332 SoundCloud followers §  Published 900 posts, released 15 EPs and organized more than 20 Events in Berlin Februar 2013 STATS   All About Music

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REFERENCES   VICE published a range of sponsored stories, which are featured in events of their NOISEY series with artists like: Munk or Apparat. All About Music

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REFERENCES   JUST BOOK cooperated within our format On Tour. Pink-Pong accompanied one of their artist on tour to Dresden and documented the adventure. This included a full story and live-coverage through Pink-Pong‘s social media channels. Just Book was cleverly integrated into that campaign. ( All About Music

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REFERENCES   REEBOK meets The Sexinvaders & Pink-Pong. Tai Lückenrath (art-director of Scholz & Volkmer), designed a shirt for our DJ team 'The Sexinvaders' in collaboration with Reebok. All About Music

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We looking forward to hear from you! INFO (AT) PINK-PONG (DOT) DE Your Pink-Pong Team PHOTOGRAPHY © PINK-PONG 2012