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Finding your network Alessio Ferracuti - UX/UI Designer based in Glasgow

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• Basketball player, wine drinker • Podcast host • Recent graduate from UXDI • Self driven and Passionate designer • Involved in the design community worldwide Who is Alessio?

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Users First Podcast

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• I found out about UX because I was looking for a high paid profession in the digital field • I fell in love with it, because I was introduced to a new world where interviewing people and solving problems is valued and paid well. • Free of judgment and communicative field • I come up with new ideas and new methodologies every day. My ideas are taken in considerations, and I am valued. Why did I pick UX?

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• Certification • Documentation • Networking • Job applications • Expand your education 5 Steps to how I go into UX Design

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• Always ask other designers to give you feedback on your portfolio • Get in touch with design leads • Apply to all job positions • Network like it's a full time job • Put your ego aside Best beginner’s advice

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• The easiest and best way to get a job is through a reference • Networking requires work. • I gathered a list of groups where you can easily network with people. Once You have made online connections you can be easily aware of opportunities Finding a job through the network

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Channels you can join to build the network

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Angel list Other sites where you can look for work

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• Network as much as you can • Get other point of views • Be yourself, different • Document your work and your learnings Takeaways

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Thank you! Alessio Ferracuti - UX/UI Designer based in Glasgow