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Judas Priest Ate My ScrumMaster Another Questionable Presentation By Dr. Paul J. Adams

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I Know Nothing. I Come In Peace.

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90% Of Everything Is Crap (1. Introduction)

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Management Matters!

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Document Writers Unique and beautiful snowflakes. All.

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I Am The Law! (2. Some Interesting Laws Of Software Engineering)

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Brooks’ Law (Adding People To A Late Software Project Will Make it Later)

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Conway’s Law (Organisations which design systems ... are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organisations)

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Lehmann’s 2nd Law (As software evolves, its c o mp l e x i t y i n c r e a s e s unless work is done to maintain or reduce it)

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Pareto Law (For any given system, 80% of software bugs will be found in less than 20% of software modules)

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Tacoma Narrows? (3. Bridging Engineering and Documentation)

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Wait… What?

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Lehman’s 5th Law (As a system evolves, all associated with it, developers, sales personnel and users, for example, must maintain mastery of its content and behaviour to achieve satisfactory evolution. Excessive growth diminishes that mastery)

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We’re All In This Together!

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Free Software Open Source Products (#boom #micdrop)