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Using SQLPAL, the SQL Server database engine went from… Only on Virtual Machines

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On both virtual machines and containers To Being Available Across ALL Of These

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SQL Server on Linux and Containers: A Story in 4 Numbers 5 3 24 25 Estimated number of years to port SQL Server to Linux natively Weeks to working prototype using SQLPAL Months to release, including support for containers Million Docker container pulls

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Ring 3 SQL Server SVCHOST NTDLL.DLL NTDLL.DLL KB.DLL KB.DLL SQLPAL.DLL (PE) win32k.sys (PE) Linux Host Extension (ELF) Ring 0 Linux Kernel SQLPAL

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IO Subsystem A A B B IO Subsystem A A B B C D C D Synchronous IO Asynchronous IO Wait IO Completion Issue IO

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int epoll_wait( int epfd, struct epoll_event *events, int maxevents, int timeout ); int io_getevents( aio_context_t ctx_id, long min_nr, long nr, struct io_event *events, struct timespec *timeout );

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ThreadWaitContext - m_conditionVariable - m_waitInfos[] - m_mutex - m_signaledObjectIndex WaitableObject - m_lock - m_waitQueue (list of WaitInfo) Event - m_signalState Semaphore - m_currentCount - m_maximumCount WaitInfo - m_waitContext* (ThreadWaitContext) - m_parentObject* (WaitableObject)

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Challenges - Additional Reading • SQL Server on Linux: How? Introduction • Blog posts on SQL on Linux internals

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