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Agile... we are not there yet! Let's get closer with "well rounded product teams" Eduardo da Silva (@emgsilva|[email protected])

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We still have “Business” and “IT” silos with “hidden waterfalls” between each other

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Silos & Hidden Waterfalls “Business” {Why, What} Complex communication (hidden waterfalls) “IT” {How} (feature factory)

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How can we enable Business and Tech working more closely together?

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How can we reach that? Dev + Ops = DevOps Teams (already WIP) Why not DevOps + Biz = BizDevOps? Aim: everyone moving on the same direction at “high velocity” => truly multidisciplinary team!

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BizDevOps <=> Product Teams “Product Team” (and product organization) is becoming the term & approach for such team setup >> “team that owns the product” Follow this model

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Product Teams - Some Properties Clear product goal and how to get there Focus/obsess on customer value Top-down Strategy & Bottom-Up / Emerging Strategy (with Experimentation and customer Validation)

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Tech Leadership is a core skill for Tech-Savvy people within Product Teams

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Stop being “feature factories”... Look at big picture Participate in the Product "Why" and "What" Govern the product technical vision Shiny tech is cool, but Product value is cooler Validate before over-engineer

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Well Rounded Product Teams What does it take? How can we start going there?

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Some Principles for building Well Rounded Teams* Learning Culture & WoW * Company Leadership needs to support this, otherwise it will not work! Scoping (Product, Architecture) Leadership (Product, Technical) Entrepreneurship People & Collaboration Products & Projects

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From “YBIYRIYLI” to “You own it, you make it shine” “Product Team” owns the product life-cycle “end-to-end” from “idea” to all the necessary activities to “make it shine” Team goal: “What shall we do next to improve our product”

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Thank you! More on this in: img src: