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ONNX-GO Neural Networks made easy dotGO - March 25th 2019 Olivier Wulveryck Octo Technology @owulveryck

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Software has changed the world! We, as developers, are actors of this evolution.

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- I want to give my code super power! - I want to use it to predict Y, given X! - Use machine learning Luke! iota

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Gradient Tensorflow Tenso rs n o n -lin e a ritie s Sigmoid backpropagation overfitting pyto rch LSTM convolution K-m ean

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Input p u t Input o u tpu t output Machine Learning Model

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Input p u t Input o u tpu t output

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"The model shouldn't be tied to the runtime environment!"

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Open Neural Network eXchange

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onnx-go Model zoo (pre-trained models) data-science

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odel.Input[0] model.Output[0] []float32{ 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,1,0} 9 Your regular Go Code picture :=

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SHOW ME SOME CODE! ONNX-GO (MNIST) example backend := gorgonia.NewGraph() model := onnx.NewModel(backend) Create the execution backend (Gorgonia) and the onnx model receiver b, err := ioutil.ReadFile("model.onnx") err = model.Unmarshal(b) Read the onnx file and Deserialize it into the model receiver gorgonia.NewTapeMachine(backend).RunAll() output := getData(model.Output[0]) // []float32 Run the backend to compute the result var picture *image.NRGBA setData(model.Input[0],picture) Set the input

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DEMO of the POC # Get the model: curl | tar -C /tmp -xzvf - # Get the demo binary from # Run it: ../mnist-reader.darwin -model /tmp/mnist/model.onnx

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Imagine what you, as a Gopher, can do with Machine Learning. Get involve, nobody is a nobody!

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Let's make programming (with) Neural networks fun (again) Welcome to software 2.0 with GO! Thank you! @owulveryck