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Advanced WP CLI A WPLeeds talk by Tom J Nowell

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I’m Tom J Nowell Code For The People

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I’ll Cover ● What is WP CLI ● Some WP CLI Commands & Usage ● Demo

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WP CLI WordPress, Command Line Interface A tool for terminal users

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What is The Terminal?

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Once installed, open your WordPress folder on the terminal GIF by Chris Coyier of CSS Tricks

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Some of the Things WP CLI Can Do ● Create Posts ● Create Users ● Download plugins and themes ● Database Queries ● Installing WordPress

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E.g. Adding an author to a site: ❯ wp user create bob [email protected] --role=author

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Listing activated plugins ❯ wp plugin list --status=active -- format=csv --fields=name

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Doing a Search replace ❯ wp search-replace

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List blogs, and their URLs in a multisite ❯ blogs=$(wp site list --fields="site_id, blog_id,url" --format="csv") for entry in $blogs do site_id=$(echo $entry |cut -d ',' -f1 ) blog_id=$(echo $entry |cut -d ',' -f2 ) blog_url=$(echo $entry |cut -d ',' -f3 ) echo "$blog_id: $blog_url in $site_id" done

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A demonstration

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Questions? Tom J Nowell @tarendai