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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk Shared nothing logging infrastructure Logging for containers and the cloud

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk Nikolaus Winter @backstreetkiwi #search #logging #java #spring #kotlin

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk #search #solr #server #ansible #kubernetes #photography Torsten Bøgh Köster @tboeghk

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk shopping24 commerce network

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk agenda Definitions Log message flow control Multi cluster logging Pitfalls & Learnings Demo

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk shared nothing infrastructure Photo by Edwin Andrade on Unsplash

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk shared nothing infrastructure self contained systems Photo by Edwin Andrade on Unsplash

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk self contained systems Popular in e-commerce architectures Photo by Edwin Andrade on Unsplash

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk Container and logging STDOUT as lowest common denominator Photo by Sculpture Qode on Unsplash

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk Kubernetes container scheduler Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk Kubernetes and logging there is no silver bullet Photo by Radek Grzybowski on Unsplash

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk Observability is the key to logging and monitoring in Kubernetes Photo by Rishabh Varshney on Unsplash

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk This is how we roll Introducing the ELG stack

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk Reality sucks centralized logging approach

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk Flow control & Interfaces Two approaches to meet increasing logging customization needs Photo by Nigel Tadyanehondo on Unsplash

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk Log flow control Use Kubernetes annotations to manipulate log processing

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk Filter messages Control messages to collect

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk Fine grained parsing spring-boot (multi line)

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk Fine grained parsing web-access-logs

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk Log enrichment HTTP elements

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk Log enrichment geoip lookup

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk Storage classes specify log retention time // sharding

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Cattle not pets, but for clusters Photo by Stijn te Strake on Unsplash

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk Default logging stack Fully shared nothing deployment

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk Default logging stack at scale // will it scale?

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk Interfaces Use Kubernetes services as interface to swappable and hence highly customizable log processing implementations

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk Managing extensibility it's all about the interfaces

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk Templating log configuration Photo by Andreas Gücklhorn on Unsplash

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk Default logging stack Fully shared nothing

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk Centralized log storage Reducing total cost of ownership

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk Pimp my logstash branching off clickstream for machine learning

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk Serving special needs Kibana as log ui

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk Lessons learned Challenges of large volume message handling apply.

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk ⚡ Data integrity

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk ⚡ mixed log handling reality sucks. again.

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk ⚡ log governance Store everything. Find nothing?

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk Demo Examples & Helpers @ Photo by Federica Galli on Unsplash

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@backstreetkiwi ✨ @tboeghk Logging is fun fun fun Photo by Courtney Hedger on Unsplash