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Applicant Receives an Email with a Link

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The applicant will follow the prompts to enter their information

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They can view required disclosures.

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And view California Disclosures, if applicable

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They must Acknowledge & Authorize the Background Check

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They must provide personal protected information, which is kept secure

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As well as Current & Previous Address Information

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Background Check Set-Up Complete! Did you order a Drug Screening as well?

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If a Drug Screen has also been ordered u After submitting their forms, if there is a drug test, the applicant will schedule their drug screening and choose a collection site. They would follow the prompts and complete the order. The specific drug screening(s) ordered for the applicant will show up at the top of the page (if there is more than one, all will be listed) and their current address will automatically populate in the search bar. A list of approved clinics will populate and appear on the map. The listing will include the clinic’s name, address and hours of operation.

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Easy to Find a Location Nearby:

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Screen Passes are Time Sensitive & Do Expire

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Now all they have to do is show up for their screening and wait for their results