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1 mbed ARM’s platform for IoT Andrew Wafaa Principal Engineer, Open Source

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2 What? §  At TechCon 2014 we announced the ARM mbed IoT Device Platform consisting of: §  An expanded partner ecosystem spanning silicon to the cloud §  mbed OS: free operating system for ARM Cortex-M devices §  mbed Device Server: software enabling service providers to access this market Why? §  To accelerate the pace of IoT by enabling innovators to focus on value-add features §  Pull from silicon and cloud partners for a standards-based software to create IoT solutions How? §  By providing the necessary building blocks to be able to create standards-based connected IoT solutions for a broad set of market segments The Big Picture

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3 8+ years of IoT products 30+ official mbed boards 5+ years 24/7 70,000+ developers 9,000+ projects 1M+ builds/year We Already Have Great IoT Momentum

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4 ARM Cortex®-M -based MCU mbed Ecosystem •  Partners •  Developers •  Enabled Services •  Enabled Products mbed Device Server •  Free and commercial versions •  Application data and device management •  Growth market access for cloud platforms and operators mbed OS •  Free for use on ARM architecture •  Leading connectivity standards •  Productivity, minimized costs •  Built-in management •  Security

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5 So what’s in it for Developers?

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6 A lot!

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7 §  mbed is set up for cross-platform development, so if you change your mind on the board, your code is still valid! §  Many platforms have IoT modules onboard, so it’s an all-in-one package Development Platforms

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8 Community of Developers

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9 Resources to get started

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10 Resources §  Home - §  Developer Portal - §  YouTube Channel - §  mbed Cookbook - §  Forum -

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11 Work Online or Offline!

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12 Little Data Enables Big Data BIG DATA Little Data End-to-End Security, Web, Data Objects & Management IP and Web to the edge mbed Device Server mbed OS IoT Service or App

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13 The I in IoT: Web (and IP) Protocols to the Edge Binary | JSON – IPSO Objects IPv4 | IPv6 | 6LoWPAN UDP | TCP DTLS | TLS CoAP | HTTP REST APIs Application Web Transfer Internet Network IoT Application Device Management

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14 IoT connectivity for home automation Access Point - Low-power - Mesh network - IP to the edge - Wide range of devices robust & easy to deploy infrastructure sharing - Mature end-to-end security

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15 mbed Device Interface - Open Web Standards mbed Device Server Directory and Subscription Application Transfer Protocols – CoAP, HTTP, MQTT Security Protocols – DTLS, TLS Security, Admin and Multi-tenancy mbed Device Server API Device Management and Data Flows - RESTful and Publish/Subscribe Straightforward integration Periodic connectivity support Complete managed security Leading open standards Lightweight management

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16 Long-range IP Mesh Intelligent, low-power, large scale and secure IoT street built using mbed OS Internet connected via a lightweight gateway running for example Linux (Cortex®-A CPU plus OS) mbed Device Server and a lighting service provide a scalable, secure foundation for smart city big data applications Example: Smart City Street Lighting Connectivity Security Management

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17 Projects Already Out there: §  Open-Source Robot: Weather Application: §  Motion-Detection Camera w/ Server Underwater Robot

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18 Example: Basic Wearable Low-power wearables developed rapidly with mbed OS (Cortex®-M MCU) Internet connected using a mobile device or home router (Cortex®-A CPU plus OS) Connectivity Security Management mbed Device Server provides a scalable foundation for cloud apps connecting to wearables

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19 Example: Smart Home Home appliances and control connected over open standards running mbed OS Internet connected via a single gateway running for example Linux (Cortex®-A CPU plus OS) mbed Device Server provides a scalable foundation for smart home applications 70 F 21 C Connectivity Security Management

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20 Tools § Shared vision § Commitment to openness & standards § Enable scale § Collaboration Enable commercial deployment of IoT devices and services The new mbed Partner Ecosystem: Join Us! Silicon Partner Ecosystem Partner Cloud Partner

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21 The new mbed Partner Ecosystem: Join Us! Cloud Partners Ecosystem Partners Silicon Partners

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22 Linux part to play §  Gateway

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23 Linux part to play §  Analytics

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24 Linux part to play §  Controller

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25 Linux part to play “Developers! Developers! Developers! Developers!” - CEO of a major software company based in Redmond, USA

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26 Linux part to play §  Perfect partner

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27 Thank You §  Please connect with the community at