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RAMON DURÃES CEO, DEVPRIME / MICROSOFT MVP [email protected] Microservices e o desenvolvimento cloud-native 10 anos depois #VSSUMMIT

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DEVELOPER VELOCITY INDEX (DVI) Source: Mckinsey &Company / Developer Velocity: How software excellence fuels business performance, 2020 20% higher operating margin. 4-5x faster revenue growth. 60% higher total return to shareholders. 55% more innovation in top Developer companies According to Mckinsey report, Organizations with strong tools are 65 percent more innovative and surpass their peers on other key business performance indicators such as customer satisfaction, brand perception, and talent.

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ENTERPRISE APPS WILL SHIFT TOWARD HYPERAGILE According to IDC, Enterprise Apps Will Shift Toward Hyperagile Architectures, with 80% of Application Development on Cloud Platforms (PaaS). Using Microservices and Cloud Functions (e.g., AWS Lambda and AzureFunctions) and Over 95% of New Microservices Deployed in Containers (e.g.,Docker). Source: IDC FutureScape: Worldwide IT Industry 2018 Predictions

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INNOVATE FAST OR FAIL EVEN FASTER Kong field a survey of 400 senior technology decision makers in the U.S. and Europe, including CIOs, CTOs, VPs of IT, IT directors/architects and software engineers/developers from organizations across a range of industries. Source: Kong / Digital Innovation Benchmark, 2021 51% of technology leaders expect a business to go under or be acquired by 2024 65% of technology leaders across industries believe competitors could displace 89% of tech leaders believe that creating new digital experiences 75% expect to see an increase in IT/developer budgets over the next 12 months

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ENABLING INNOVATION WITH MICROSERVICES Source: Kong / Digital Innovation Benchmark, 2021 87% of tech leaders believe microservices-based applications are the future. 33% of organizations have already transitioned entirely to distributed architectures. The main reasons to adoption of microservices: Increase security (63%) Integrate new tech faster (59%) Increase speed of development (57%) Increase infrastructure flexibility (52%)

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SOFTWARE DELIVERY PARADOX Innovation Reliability Speed vs. control impedes innovation MTTR: Mean Time to Repair | MTBF: Mean Time Between Failures | MTTF: Mean Time To Failure

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MICROSERVICES ARCHITECTURE • Agilidade e inovação contínua • Desacoplamento • Estruturado por contexto de negócio • Independência na manutenção • Escalabilidade • Disponibilidade Source: Microservices vs Monolithic architecture

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EMPOWER DIGITAL STRATEGY Unleash innovation with Cloud-Native Event-Driven Microservices API’s Source: DevPrime

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HEXAGONAL ARCHITECTURE Estrutura • Application • Domain • Ports • Adapters Hexagonal != Layers Source: Alistair Cockburn

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SIZE FOR A MICROSERVICE & DOMAIN “DDD” Source: Microservices vs Monolithic architecture • Context Map • Bounded context • Aggregate roots • Value Objects • Entities • Domain services • Application services • Domain Events

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MICRO FRONTENDS #VSSUMMIT ▪ Autonomia das equipes ▪ Atualizações incrementais e independentes ▪ Simplificação ▪ API Gateway/GraphQL Source: Micro Frontends /

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BACKEND FOR FRONTEND (BFF) #VSSUMMIT ▪ UX for API ▪ Mobile API ▪ Web API ▪ Internal API Source: Building a BFF / Phil Calçado

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DATABASE & POLYGLOT PERSISTENCE Source: Martin Fowler Microservices

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COMMUNICATIONS Source: Microservices Communications (Kafka, RabbitMQ)

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EVENT-DRIVENARCHITECTURE(EDA) • Independência entre os serviços • Arquitetura assíncrona (non-blocking) • Aumento da disponibilidade e escalabilidade (SLA) • Modelagem orientada a eventos • Serviços novos se beneficiam do Event Store • Análises em Real-time data analytics

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DISTRIBUITEDTRANSACTION"SAGA PATTERN" Abordagem ❖Choreography ❖Orchestration Estratégias ❖Retries / Timeouts ❖Compensation

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POLYREPOVS MONOREPO • Independência • Desacoplamento • Agilidade • Segurança

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CLOUD-NATIVEAPPLICATIONDEVELOPMENT • Kubernetes como “PaaS” • Balanceamento de carga • Gerenciamento de falhas • Distribuição de processamento • Monitoramento (Microsoft AKS, AWS EKS, Oracle EKE, Google GKE)

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SERVICE MESH& API GATEWAY Source: Service Mesh • Service Discovery • Traffic management • Resilience • Canary release • A/B Testing • Monitoring • Logs • Security

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MICROSERVICES SECURITY • Web Application Firewall (WAF) • API Gateway (Authentication, Authorization, rate limiting, cache) • Service Mesh (Traffic control) • Identity Providers (Auth2, SAML 2.0, OpenID Connect) (Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud) (Keycloak, Auth0, Azure AD, AWS Cognito, Oracle Identity Cloud Service, Google Identity Platform)

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CLOUD NATIVE SECURITY & DEVSECOPS Source: Kubernetes - • Cloud • Cluster • Container • Code

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DEVPRIME STACK🚀 Evolutionary architecture designs Production-Ready Microservices to Enable Innovation Built-in Apps Components & Accelerators Business Centered Development Stack Foundation 1 2 Domain Driven Design

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DEVPRIMECLI🚀 Ignite Production-Ready Microservices

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ORDERMICROSERVICES In deep exploration (Observability “Automatic Log” + “Fast Debug”) (OpenAPI)

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RELIABLESERVICES Distributed Systems (circuit breaker) (Auto retry) (HTTP Request) (Observability “Automatic Log” + “Fast Debug”) Microservices Domain Handler State Fail Fast Event-Driven Resilience

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KUBERNETES-BASEDEVENT-DRIVENAUTOSCALING(KEDA) #VSSUMMIT ▪ Escalabilidade baseada em eventos ▪ Escalando do zero a milhares de containers ▪ Integrado ao Virtual Kubelet ▪ Event sources (Kafka, RabbitMQ, Azure Service Bus, AWS SQS..) ▪ HTTP / Azure Functions Source:

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SOFTWARE-FIRST “Desenvolva soluções para impactar 1 bilhão de pessoas”

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#VSSUMMIT MUITO OBRIGADO! RAMON DURÃES CEO, DEVPRIME / MICROSOFT MVP [email protected] “Crie um novo microsserviço em minutos”