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Sketch Rapid Prototyping & Theme Design Ryan King [email protected] @ryancanhelpyou

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What is Sketch? Professional digital design for Mac.

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Assumptions • General graphic app concepts and terminology • Basic understanding of how webpages work • While you can use Sketch for other design purposes, this talk is primarily web focused

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Presentation • This is just an introduction. • One of the great things about sketch is the community. There are so many high quality resources out there from tutorials, to plugins that enhance functionality, to shared assets and UI/UX libraries to get you started (think stock graphics) • I will get you started, and provide you resources to continue the journey on your own

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Open Source • Sadly, no. • $99 license (free trial + offer educational pricing) • Open Source alternatives:

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What about Adobe? • Powerful and great… but with that, bloated and steep learning curve • …and expensive: $120 - $600/ year

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When to use Sketch? Sketch: Web (vector / flat artwork) Photoshop: photographs, heavy image retouching and manipulation (photo correction) Illustrator: logos, line art / drawing InDesign: print

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Why I use Sketch? Nicely designed, solid app that allows me to work faster and happier ;)

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Side note I’m a beginner I picked it up on my own and am still learning… but wanted to share with you my findings and tips I’ve learned along the way

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Other cool stuff Extras drag out layers (boom. done.) CSS styles Printing (great for review and critiques) iOS Mirror…. magical + fun

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Built for Mac Integrated Fast, snappy Auto-save & Versions (amazing!) iCloud sync

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My Design Process Where does Sketch fit in the design process? Client Assets + Inspiration Hand Sketches Sketch

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My Design Process Where does Sketch fit in the design process? Sketch WordPress Theme

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Enough talk; let’s explore.

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Quick Start Let the magic begin! Demo: File > New From Template: iOS App, iOS UI, Material Design (Google), Web Design, Welcome to Sketch

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Resources (user manual) know-as-a-designer-bfba9e7ec137 Shortcuts Cheatsheet:

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“ Thank you Ryan King [email protected] @ryancanhelpyou To design is to communicate clearly by whatever means you can control or master. - Milton Glaser