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Developing Chrome Extension with ruby.wasm Yuma Sawai 1

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Agenda •About me •How Chrome Extension work with ruby.wasm •Chrome Extension Framework introduction •Impressions of participating as a speaker 2

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About me •Hokkaido Joho Univ. B3 twitter: @3yUma_rb github: @aaaa777 •Interested in Network and Security •Participating Hardening Decade 2022 • Hardening Designers Conference 2023@5/18 3 my avatar

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About ruby.wasm • Ruby executable on WebAssembly • Running ruby on browser! ex: ruby-wasm-wasi/example/lucky.html 4 ↓ 1. Click! ↑ 2. your luck!

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Ruby.wasm is here, but how do we use it? • There are still few applications using ruby.wasm. why? • There are **NO** articles using gems in ruby.wasm • vfs is very useful but there is **NO** article to pack gems. • irb.wasm can load gem easily but it patched own. • Ruby on browser script can execute ruby, but it can't do more than that. I think the development environment of library is not perfect yet I believe easier development leads to more developers • Aiming to make easy developing ruby.wasm! • And deepen knowledge through chrome extension development 5

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About Chrome extension • Makes Browser more useful • ex: Google Translation Extension • Translates the dragged part. • Pops up when you press the icon. • Using JavaScript and HTML • Easy installation • Most of browser supports 6

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How Chrome Extension works? • Manifest.json • Chrome Extension configuration file • Content Script • Load JS on specified page(url match) • Popup • Show HTML page when icon is clicked • Background(Service Worker) • Run JS while browser is running and more… 7 directory structure example

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How I replaced it with ruby.wasm • Determines which file manifest.json reads for each event • These files can be written with ruby.wasm! 8

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Demo: Simple Extension with ruby.wasm demo extension on github: aaaa777/ruby-chrome-extension-demo 9

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10 MAgOn0A6pMEv6E7Cqr-c/view?usp=share_link demo video available at:

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How ruby.wasm chrome extension works • manifest.json - Load content-script.js - This is ruby.wasm entrypoint • content-script.umd.js - Init rubyVM - Eval code via Fetch API • content-script.rb - Control DOM 11

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What I learnt from implementing extension • Want to write ruby? even like this code? • Doesn't have to be Ruby • Why do I have to write JS • I don't enjoy writing • I hate JS =It's better to write plain JS 12 ↑ not fun!

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How to make it easier? 13

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Answer: Make a framework! • Bundle JS files and ruby.wasm • All scripts in app.rb Frameworked area 14

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The framework name unloosen (ʌ̀nlúːsən) 15

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Demo: QuickStart 16

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17 3X5nyYH8cnKJDFkDC1/view?usp=sharing demo video available at:

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Demo explanation • when popup • get element • addEventListener 'click' button 18

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Unloosen key features 1. Files in one code 2. Remote require 3. Live reload 4. Simple Syntax 5. All you need is only browser 19

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1. Files in one code • No need to manage separate files for each event. • Define URL match on Application side. • Libraries are packed already. 20 Unloosen extension files common extension files files only you manage!→

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2. Remote require • in chrome extension, using fetch() to access local resource • access url format: "chrome-ext:///" • I want to add "chrome-ext:///" to $LOADPATH😢 override require (Main singleton method) 21 problem • Dependencies not resolved usage

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2. Remote require • override require_relative, too. • GET relative to script URL • see also: lib/unloosen/utils/require_remote.rb 22

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3. Live reload • Since using require_remote, changes are applied by reloading • In case of using VFS, need pack every time • Load library via fetch API • This is helpful for developing library 23

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4. Simple syntax • document, console, alert… defined in toplevel scope. • patched JS::Object#method_missing 24 • Almost became a JS syntax • see also: unloosen/utils/js.rb

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5. All you need is only browser Common extension • I want to change the code a little! • clone repo but I cant edit minified JS file… • need dev environment to rebuild Unloosen • Files you prepare • prebuilt Unloosen JS files • json files of config • application ruby script • resources 25

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How framework works? This is when content_script loaded. 26

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Compare Other Frameworks note: But Unloosen takes about 300+MB memories each RubyVM. Plasmo Unloosen language React(JS) Ruby complie/build required not necessary functions many simple 27

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Next features •Write article, documents •VFS online gem bundle site •Auto generate manifest.json •Cross build MV2 and MV3 •API for indexedDB, LocalStorage 28

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Try Unloosen! available on github/npm npm: unloosen-ruby-loader github: aaaa777/unloosen 29 bug reports, fork, requests are welcome!

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Impressions of participating as a speaker 30

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Impressions • Difficult part in development • It is difficult to decide the specification of the library • Give me feedback! • How I became a Speaker • After seeing @kateinoigakukun last year, I thought I'd like to participate here someday. • It has come true. • I never thought I'd be standing here last year. • So let's try things that you wanna. 31