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CICD with Github Actions Bukola Johnson Platform Engineer @Hellofresh

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Platform Engineer @Hellofresh Ambassador @Google WomenTechMakers Program DevOps Coordinator @ SheCodeAfrica Bukola Johnson @bukecious

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TABLE OF CONTENTS 01 CICD Explained 02 Github Actions Overview 03 Demo 04 Documentation

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CI/CD Explained 01

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Integrating all your code changes into the main branch of a shared source code repository early and often Automatically deploy applications - eliminating the need for human intervention Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery /Deployment

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WHY IS CI/CD IMPORTANT Improve developer productivity Remove manual development work Repeatability

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Github Actions 02

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GitHub Actions is a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform that allows you to automate your deployment pipeline.

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CICD WITH GITHUB ACTIONS CICD with Github actions offers workflow that can : Build the code In your repository Run your test Can run on Github-hosted virtual machine Or on a machine you host yourself Github Actions

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COMPONENTS OF GITHUB ACTIONS Workflows Events A specific activity in a repo that triggers a workflow run Jobs Set of steps in a workflow Actions A custom application for GHA platforms for repeated task Defined by yaml files in .github/workflows dir in repository Runners The server that runs the workflow

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A workflow is a configurable automated process that will run one or more jobs Workflows are defined in the .github/workflows directory in a repository WORKFLOWS

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An event is an activity that triggers a workflow run. EVENTS

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A job is a set of steps in a workflow that execute on the same runner. JOBS

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An action is a custom application that performs a complex but frequently repeated task. ACTIONS

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A runner is a server that runs your workflows when they're triggered.. GitHub provides Ubuntu Linux, Microsoft Windows, and macOS runners to run your workflows. RUNNERS

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KEY ADVANTAGES Community-powered reusable workflows Simplicity CICD pipeline setup is simple Responds to any webhook on Github Webhook Reusable Workflows

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Deploying Go sample App with Github Actions Set up a workflow to build docker image, push to Google registry and deploy to kubernetes DEMO Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet - Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit 300 views #loremipsum #loremipsum 0:50 / 2:50

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CREATING A SAMPLE WORKFLOW Create the yaml file Step 3 Clone the repository you will be using for the deployment Step 1 Create workflow directory Step 2 Confirm your deployment status Step 6 Commit the changes to Github Step 4 Monitor the progress of the workflow Step 5

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RESOURCES Learn github actions Understanding-github-actions Using workflows Creating actions ___

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