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Recommendation Tab Case 2

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Recommendation Tab Case 3 auto play video or not

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Recommendation Tab Case 4 auto play video or not thumbnail to the left or right

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5 User Research De fi ne Specs & Test Plan Development Conduct A / B Test Analyze Results A B A/B Testing in LINE TODAY 1 2 3

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User Research Identify our goal Expected results Research method 6

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User Research Identify our goal 7 Research method Expected results • Better understand usage of our app • Explore effectiveness of UI layout and response • A/B testing of different layout • User survey to different test groups • Get user feedback • How will the test results help future planning

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Define Specs & Test Plan 8 Derive details from the previous step and decide what data to collect and how to collect Define how many percent of people should be included and how to segment the group Decide when to start and how long should we run the test Define Configuration Plan Schedule Test Specification 8

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Development Internal Setting Flow Configure Group Settings Create A/B Test Groups 9

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Development User Request Flow 10 Get User Information Identify User Group Respond with Page A or B

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Conduct A/B Test 11 Con fi gure A/B test groups settings (optional) A/A test Start A/B test

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Analyze Results 12 Quantitative Analysis Qualitative Analysis

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Analyze Results 13 Quantitative Analysis •Monitor metrics such as Clicks, PV, CTR through internal dashboards •Validate and review our hypothesis from previous steps Collect User Metrics Generate Report

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Analyze Results 14 Qualitative Analysis •Understand the reason why through user’s point of view •Analyze survey results to draw some conclusions about this test

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Thank you 15