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Slide 1 text Product-led Growth… “Show, don’t tell”

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Slide 2 text ■ Ex-Microsoft, Ex-Deindeal (Groupon Killer in CH) ■ Ex-Product Lead - Smallpdf 50 mio users/month ■ Head of Product Jua.AI ■ Author of the #1 read PLG-guide (Google Search) ■ Help companies to not to die while implementing PLG Leah Tharin

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Slide 3 text A successful Product PLG

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Slide 4 text “In PLG (product-led growth) we depend on the product and users to do the selling. Try before you buy. We remove friction between our users and our product.”

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Slide 5 text “In Product-led Growth we establish trust different than classical Marketing or Sales tactics: Show, don’t tell.”

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Slide 6 text “ In Product-led Growth we establish trust

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Slide 10 text Ideal Growth Motion per segment

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Slide 11 text Sales-led Growth Acquisition Marketing Big Monetization Sales Retention Product Trying to match value with needs. Risk is with the customer High upfront, longterm, Sales-led

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Slide 12 text Product-led Growth (trials, freemium) Free User Acquisition Free User Retention Small Monetization Expansion Experience value without payment or requiring sales Risk is with the business Low upfront, expansion, transparent, cancel anytime

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Slide 13 text There is something going on Acquisition Monetization Retention Looming Recession “We have to focus on efficiency!”

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Slide 14 text There is something going on Acquisition Monetization Retention AI, Commoditization “Messaging differentiation getting harder, differentiate through product (retention) and positioning”

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Slide 15 text Who do we trust if everything “looks” perfect (AI) from the outside?

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Slide 16 text “Customers go back to what cannot be faked: Our success with a product Product-led growth establishes trust by delivering success as fast as possible, payment later.”

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Slide 17 text Choice & Commoditization

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Slide 18 text “What is our Product”

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Slide 19 text “Done right, PLG is the most cost efficient distribution model in B2C and a lot of B2B markets. But… how?”

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Slide 20 text Customer Success Setup Ready to use your product Aha! Experienced value of core product Eureka & Habit Experienced extended value

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Slide 21 text Customer Success Eureka & Habit Experienced extended value Slack Eureka/Aha (B2B): Sent 2000 messages within 30 days Smallpdf Eureka (B2C): Used 2 different tools on one document

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Slide 22 text A different way of looking at your users Setup Aha! Eureka 1000 Users 1 Customer The F-Word

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Slide 23 text A different way of looking at your users Setup Aha! Eureka Recom m end Care only about the efficiency of your loop not shipping “features”. There’s nothing cheaper than Word of Mouth

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Slide 24 text A different way of looking at your users Setup Aha! Eureka Recom m end Knowing your loops is knowing whether you can keep the water in your dam once you add more. Premature scaling is the #1 death of product-led growth products.

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Slide 25 text How to make the wheel turn: Recurring Needs Short time to Value Easy to explain and recommend Monetize usage, not features Growth Teams & Goals

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Slide 26 text “Growth” Teams

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Slide 27 text 3 Reasons Why you cannot ignore PLG

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Slide 28 text “B2B Buyers are starting to behave like B2C users. They start to have choice” 1

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Slide 29 text Product-led Growth is grabbing more commoditization

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Slide 30 text “Combining product-led growth with the best of sales-led growth disrupts even enterprise markets: Product-led Sales” 2

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Slide 31 text Product-led Sales

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Slide 32 text Product-led Sales Looking at teams/accounts and finding those that are worth reaching out… …when they signal “I’m ready” through their measurable behaviour.

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Slide 33 text Product-led Sales… Using the product successful ? +4 Visiting specific pages? +1 Accelerating usage? +1 Inviting other users? +3 etc. Free B2B accounts Attach scores to their behaviour PQA > ? (Product qualified account) Days- Months Sales ready (High Close %, low CAC) - 40% Lead time

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Slide 34 text Sales in Product-led Sales More incentives for accounts that expand. Sales only contacts Product qualified Accounts Giving Sales tools that are not just about closing “now”

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Slide 35 text PLGs secret long term weapon: “Expansion Revenue” 3

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Slide 36 text Expansion Expanded breadth of Usage ● More products ● Higher level of feature plans Grab enterprise value before they are enterprise ● Individual users -> in teams… -> into enterprise accounts

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Slide 37 text PLG is about forming Habits… Product: Only (un)ships what makes the wheel go faster and is measurable. Marketing: Is measured on the quality of traffic/leads not quantity. Sales: Incentivized on customer expansion.

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Slide 38 text “ In Product-led Growth we establish “Show, don’t tell.”

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Slide 39 text Learn & Work with me: 19.01.2023, Leah Tharin 11th - 20th of July