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Once upon a time, there lay a palace deep within a bamboo forest. In this palace, lived little Prince Yù and his mother, the queen.

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On most days, little Prince Yù would spend his time exploring the forest, playing with the pandas, or occasionally sneaking an egg tart or two from the kitchens. Yù wished he could share these moments with a friend, but without any brothers or other children nearby, he became quite lonely.

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Many years passed, and little Prince Yù grew up. His heart still longed for a friend, so he went to his mother to present his request. When the queen heard his request, she clapped her hands and said, Wonderful idea! But it is time for you to find not just a friend, but a match, and she must be a REAL PRINCESS! REAL PRINCESS! And with a swoosh of her fur cape, that was that.

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“A match, and it must be a real princess... well as long as I get some company!” Prince Yù exclaimed. He was eager to start looking but didn’t want to disappoint his mother. He had no idea where to start by himself, so he went to seek the advice of an old wizard who lived in the mountains.

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Moments after knocking... who is it? It’s me, Prince Yù! come in! So, boy, what brings you here? why am I lying down? Well, I’m here because I need help in finding a real princess! A real princess? You sure that’s what you’re looking for? Uh, yes? Hmm well, if you say so. I MAY MAY have something for you. REALLY?! REALLY?! The old wizard reached deep into his robe and pulled out a small box. And as it opened, there lay a black marble with a sweet scent. Prince Yù leaned closer and sniffed. Brown sugar... and a hint of tea... it was...

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Prince Yù bought the pearl. Prince Yù bought the pearl. Over the next few months, he sent out many invitations to different princesses to come to the palace, and each woke up with aches and sores just as the old wizard had said. But even though they provided him company and were all real princesses, something was not quite right.

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One princess rudely complained that the food was too spicy. Another was impatient because the game of Chinese Checkers was taking too long. The last princess didn’t think anything Yù suggested was fun, and ALL the princesses found Lychee odd. Prince Yù was troubled. He wanted to make his mother happy, and thought any companion would do. But perhaps he was wrong. YUCK! YUCK! This is HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE! Can you like, HURRY UP? HURRY UP? Wait! This is so BOORING BOORING! Eww... You’re really really weird... EEEK! EEEK! PRINCESS #1 PRINCESS #2 PRINCESS #???

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One night, a terrible storm raged. Heavy rain beat against the roof of the castle, and the bamboo trees swayed outside. Prince Yù was relaxing by the warm fire when suddenly a sound came. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. “Whoever could be outside in this weather?” he wondered. I’ll make a crown with these flowers! A palace! Are only princesses welvcome? Perfect! H-hello, I’m P-Princess P-Princess Anzu Anzu. Could I stay here for the night until the storm passes? He rushed to open the door, and standing on his doorstep was a girl, shivering, soaked, and covered in mud! Will this work?

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Prince Yù welcomed her in, and gave her a blanket and some hot tea. From there, they started to talk, and one thing led to another. They slurped up spicy noodles, played Chinese Checkers, and sang karaoke. Anzu wasn’t like any princess he had met before, and he was having a blast. She didn’t complain, was patient, and loved Yù’s idea of fun! Anzu even found Lychee adorable! haha, sorry I’m taking so long. No problem, take your time! YOU’RE SOO SOO CUUUTE!!! CUUUTE!!! YUM! YUM! gulp gulp She’s so fast!

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When it came time to say goodnight, Anzu climbed up the tall bed and lay down. If she was a real princess, she would feel a horrible lump poking her. She tossed, and turned, and tossed, and turned some more. She couldn’t fall asleep! But, it WASN’T WASN’T because of the pearl. Instead of a lump jabbing her back, Anzu felt a lump growing in her heart. She had lied to the prince, for she wasn’t a princess, but...

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As a ninja, she was trained to be strong, nimble, and most of all, flexible. Anzu could sleep anywhere, anytime. Even if it meant in gnarly trees, on bumpy rocks, or completely underwater! But now, even though the bed was so soft, and the blanket was so warm, better than anything she’d ever had to sleep on before, Anzu stayed wide awake. I feel HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE!

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The next morning, Prince Yù noticed Anzu’s drooping face. YAAWwn YAAWwn Princess, did you not sleep well? huh? Actually, the bed was really comfy. Not lumpy at all! But... I couldn’t sleep because... What?! I LIED LIED to you! You see, without this flower crown, I’m not a princess I’m not a princess at all, but a NINJA! at all, but a NINJA! I was afraid you wouldn’t let me stay if I wasn’t a princess. I’M SORRY! I’M SORRY! Prince Yù opened his mouth in surprise. Anzu was a ninja... and that was so cool! However, beside the prince sat the queen, slowly turning then then with fury!! Oh! huh? Y-yikes!

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UNACCEPTABLE UNACCEPTABLE!! The queen exclaimed, turning away. So, with nothing else to say or do, Anzu took one glance back, and left. and left.

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Later that afternoon... Sigh Yù, it’s OK. We’ll find you a better match! No, this, the pearl, the matching, a princess, everythng. This isn’t what I want! Now I really know, that the thing I’ve been looking for is a true friend. Anzu isn’t a princess, but she’s the only one that was caring and fun, and now she’s gone! what? I didn’t know you were unhappy. I thought you wanted a princess too because you went along with it all! I did at first, but it changed. And, I-I was also afraid YOU YOU would be un- happy... Oh son, please, please, you don’t have to worry about me. As a queen, I DO want you to find a princess, but I guess I got carried away. As your mother, I want you to be happy. happy. So, tell me, What do you want to do now? Your choice, but you might want to hurry. You haven’t got all day! uh, I’m, I’m, I’M I’M GONNA GONNA GO FIND GO FIND ANZU! ANZU! OK, then GO! GO!

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Yù rode until the stars twinkled brightly in the sky. Just as he was about to ride back to the palace, he saw a girl cloaked in shadow on the branch of a tall tree. He had finally found Anzu! A-a little help? Woah! A moment later... You can see every- thing from here! I’m sorry that we made you leave just because you’re a ninja. I... wanted to tell you that I don’t care if you’re a princess, a ninja, or any other title! Hey... You’re the most kind, patient, and fun person I’ve ever met. So, what I really really want to ask is... Can we be friends? Can we be friends? Grunting, Yù slowly climbed his way up.

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Plus, our chef makes the BEST BEST bobaa... bobaa... pfft! SO, you really really want to me my friend, huh? You... don’t want to? I don’t. UNLESS! UNLESS! We also throw stars! And so, with a grin and some team effort to climb down that tree, haha, sure! yay! JUST JUMP! Yù and Anzu returned to the palace together, where they drank lots of boba, and threw many stars. (P.S. the pearl was completely forgotten about.)

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