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November 18, 2020 Nature photography Dundas Valley School of Art Siena Hopkins

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November 18, 2020 PHOTOGRAPHY COMPOSITION rules of thumb

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1-Rule of Third, position of subject on the cross hairs

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2-Triangle and diagonals, look for diagonals in a scene, create triangle

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3- Framing, frame subject with surround objects

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4- Simplicity, cut out distractions-get close, blur background, darken background

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5-Rule of odds, look for odd numbered design elements, 3 arches, 5 windows

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Lavender in the sky Shot taken from down low, looking up and blurred sky

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The trickle of Spencer Creek Shot taken from water level, focus on water up close and background out of focus

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Sun in the leaves Shot taken from below look up, strong constract, light and shadow

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Fungi with the trees Uses rule of thirds, focus on fungi zoomed in

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Meadow and butterfly Use of close up lens, butterfly in focus and angles

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Nature Journaling

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Meadow and butterfly

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Thank’s for listening Siena Hopkins