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Why Data Science? September 22, 2015

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Hello! I am Ryan Swanstrom Data Scientist and Blogger You can find me (just about everywhere) at: @ryanswanstrom

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More About Ryan ◎ Blogger at Data Science 101 ◎ Employed by large bank ◎ PhD from SDSU ◎ Guest Blogger ◎ Influential On Twitter (for data science) ◎ Thought Leader by UC Berkeley

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1. Data Products End Goal of Data Science

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Data Product Any tool created with the help of data to make a more informed decision

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Examples ◎ Dashboards ◎ Spreadsheets (sometimes) ◎ Emails (sometimes) ◎ People You May Know ◎ Movies to Watch ◎ Many Others

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2. Data Science What is it?

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“ Data Science is statistics on a Mac @BigDataBorat 2013

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“ Data Scientist (n.) - Person who is better at statistics than any software engineer and better at software engineering than any statistician. @josh_wills 2012

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“ A Data Scientist is a statistician who lives in San Francisco Unknown

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Drew Conway’s Venn Diagram

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Yanir Seroussi

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Really, what is data science? According to NIST Data science is the empirical synthesis of actionable knowledge from raw data through the complete data lifecycle process. According to NIST Big Data Framework

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Simpler Definition of Data Science The creation of data products

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Data Science Takes a Team Similar to Sports Specialization is important One person cannot do it all

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3. BIG DATA Big Data ≠ Data Science

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Three V’s of Big Data ◎ Volume ◎ Velocity ◎ Variety

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“ Data Science doesn’t need big data Ryan Swanstrom Sept. 22, 2015

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4. Data Science Workflow How to get there?

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No Perfect Workflow Question Data Preparation & Cleaning Data Product Analysis & Modeling

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5. Data Science Goals Why do data science?

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Get All Three ◎ Descriptive ◎ Predictive ◎ Prescriptive

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Thanks! I am hoping for questions? You can find me everywhere at: @ryanswanstrom

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