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Hello! I am Shane I am a product nerd and I make a living finding the best “next step” You can find me at: @titaofdata

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Data science service for SMEs

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Decision intelligence for products and people

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“…process large amounts of data to make decisions” Nicole France, Constellation Research WHAT’S DECISION INTELLIGENCE

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Who we are o What we do o How we do it o What we offer ABOUT TERRAZA DATA

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live in a world where AI is boring OUR VISION

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Our mission To create a future where people from anywhere use AI to make the best decisions faster OUR MISSION

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WHAT WE DO Predictive systems lacking actionable information are ultimately left unused by the stakeholders $300k-worth AI consulting projects winding up with “not enough data for insights” Agencies lacking domain expertise and orgs lacking data literacy and DSA competencies We use data to ask the right questions and to make sure we’re solving a problem that moves the needle We use a tailored approach to fit your company’s data maturity and nature of business Avoid the expensive last-mile DS failures through hands-on DSAI training activities

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Reports What happened? Ad Hoc Where exactly is the problem? Alerts What needs attention?

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Analysis & Data Visualization Why is this happening?

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Predictive Modelling What is the next best action?

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Optimization What is the best thing that can happen?

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Optimization What is the best thing that can happen? Predictive Modelling What is the next best action?

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SERVICES CONSULT TRAIN CONSULT+ Data to actionable insights in 8 weeks End-to-end data product that the business can interact with $ 4,200 4-week intensive hands-on DSAI training for C-level and staff Culminating activity is an internal DS capstone project $ 2,000 Consults + training in 10 weeks Training materials tailored to the business problem $ 5,000

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30 mins 15 mins HOW WE WORK

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DSAI Training Program o Data visualization using Tableau o Exploratory Data Analysis o Introduction to Machine Learning (regression, classification, clustering) o Using Machine Learning - devt to deployment o Interpretation of model results o Common models used in industries (MBA, RFM, CLV) o Introduction to Deep Learning, NLP, AI TOPICS COVERED

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High Level End-to-End Solutions Architecture