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X THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW before Implementing Cryptography @vixentael

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@vixentael Product Engineer Feel free to reach me with security questions. I do check my inbox :)

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Slide 7 text and so on! @vixentael

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RISKS TO DATA reputation risks (Equifax) legal responsibility (GDPR) competitors operations (Facebook)

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financial damage

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mln records 0 200 400 600 800 1,000 February March April May June July August September MILLION OF RECORDS LEAKED PER MONTH @vixentael

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Slide 11 text local-mattress-store-with-ransomware/ @vixentael

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@vixentael credentials geo-locations health data financial data kids locations cars remote control sex toys remote control

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@vixentael 1. Follow best practices. 2. Talk to professionals.

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Attackers can find ways to bypass security measures. @vixentael

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Encryption – walls & gates. @vixentael

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" @vixentael

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Harden all the things! @vixentael

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protecting privacy passwords & auth plaintext secrets transport dependencies

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Slide 21 text SENSITIVE DATA @vixentael

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Slide 22 text Caring about user data prevents rejections. @vixentael

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@vixentael new-privacy-policy-what-you-need-to-know/ NEW APP STORE PRIVACY POLICY - minimize the data you collect - be transparent on how you use the data - protect stored and transit data - remove data fully and quickly

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Avoid sensitive data on screenshots. @vixentael

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Slide 26 text @vixentael

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Slide 27 text There’s a lib for that! @vixentael

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Slide 28 text iphone-cameras-any-time-your-app-is-running UNHEALTHY PERMISSIONS hello, Felix! @vixentael

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Slide 29 text Minimize amount of data your app works with. @vixentael

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Slide 31 text understanding-input-validation/ INPUT VALIDATION check length ✋ escape SQL validate on both sides @vixentael

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from twitter (not like this) @vixentael USE GOOD PASSWORD RULES

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from twitter (not like this) USE GOOD PASSWORD RULES @vixentael

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(not like this) USE GOOD PASSWORD RULES @vixentael

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MORE LIKE THESE: Use long phrase (16+). Disallow typical passwords. Promote password managers usage. well_known_comics_about_horse.png Talk:Password_length_&_complexity @vixentael

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Slide 37 text stealpassword-easily-get-the-users- apple-id-password-just-by-asking DARK AUTH PATTERNS Avoid asking user password all the time.

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TouchID/FaceID & 2FA Insecure_Authentication and-face-id-on-ios BETTER AUTH

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Slide 39 text safariservices/sfauthenticationsession SFAuthenticationSession BETTER AUTH

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Password Autofill BETTER AUTH for-ios-apps-for-faster-login-ios-11-1d9f77deb35a

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BETTER AUTH iOS12 textField.textContentType = .newPassword textField.passwordRules = .init(descriptor: "allowed: ascii-printable; minlength: 8;" ) textField.textContentType = . oneTimeCode

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Password Autofill MAKE AUTH BETTER! Single Sign-On SFAuthenticationSession Ask pass on sensitive screens TouchID/FaceID & 2FA @vixentael

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Slide 43 text AUTH BUGS: DOUBLE SPACE Test your login flow @vixentael

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Slide 45 text stored all passwords ‘very well encrypted’. @vixentael STORING SECRETS IN PLAINTEXT

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Avoid storing sensitive plaintext. passwords document pictures license plates SSNs credit cards health data home address passport num phone num @vixentael

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Slide 47 text password-found-in-another-more-persistent-macos-log-file /var/log/install.log @vixentael LOGGING SECRETS IN PLAINTEXT

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CHECK YOUR SOURCE CODE cfpb/clouseau Automate checking code for forgotten secrets. @vixentael

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Slide 50 text source-code-iboot-ios-leak NOT ALL CODE SHOULD BE PUBLISHED @vixentael

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Slide 51 text orta/cocoapods-keys awslabs/git-secrets Avoid publishing keys. DO NOT COMMIT KEYS keys.plist → .gitignore @vixentael

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NSAppTransportSecurity NSAllowsArbitraryLoads NSAppTransportSecurity NSAllowsArbitraryLoadsInWebContent app-transport-security-ats/ @vixentael

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Slide 54 text Deployment-Best-Practices private keys RSA-2048, ECDSA-256 obtain certificate from reliable CA use TLS v1.3-v1.2 use secure cipher suites TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_AES_256_GCM_SHA384 ✅ enable Forward Secrecy ✅ enable HSTS (web) WELL-CONFIGURED SSL @vixentael

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Slide 55 text @vixentael SSL PINNING

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Slide 56 text let serverTrustPolicies: [String: ServerTrustPolicy] = [ “”: .pinPublicKeys( publicKeys: ServerTrustPolicy.publicKeys(), validateCertificateChain: true, validateHost: true ) ] let sessionManager = SessionManager( serverTrustPolicyManager: ServerTrustPolicyManager( policies: serverTrustPolicies ) ) SSL PINNING @vixentael

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Slide 57 text certificate-for-github-com @vixentael SSL IS NOT ENOUGH: WOSIGN STORY

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Slide 58 text distrusting-wosign-and-startcom.html @vixentael SSL IS NOT ENOUGH: WOSIGN STORY

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@vixentael BREAKING SSL PINNING intercept-ssl-pinning-https-requests-12446303cc9d

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transport = Transport() transport?.setupKeys(serverId, serverPublicKey: serverPublicKey) session = TSSession(userId: clientIdData, privateKey: clientPrivateKeyData, callbacks: transport!) startSession(clientId: clientId, message: connectionMessage) ENCRYPT OVER SSL @vixentael

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Slide 62 text DOWNLOAD LIBS / IDE use HTTPS / VPN ✅ check certificate 2 check hash-sum clone & build from source Do you really need that lib? GDPR @vixentael

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CHECK 3RD PARTY LIBRARIES Monitor & fix critical bugs Update if any security patch Update if any privacy change (GDPR) Automate all the checks @vixentael

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Slide 64 text @vixentael

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OTHER THINGS TO DO #uikonf @vixentael

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store as HEX replace chars rename files to .mp3 combine from pieces OBFUSCATION .xib / .nib inline keys API urls pjebs/Obfuscator-iOS rename important methods / constants preemptive/PPiOS-Rename @vixentael

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DO NOT FORGET ABOUT firewalls 9 IDS ⚠ SIEM fake targets / honey pots poison records @vixentael

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Now, after easy things are done, cryptography! it’s time for @vixentael

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cryptography! storage encryption transport encryption key management @vixentael

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Storage Transport Multi- platform themis libsodium tink TLS
 themis libsodium OTRKit Works with 
 iOS/macOS only CryptoSwift RNCryptor CommonCrypto @vixentael

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Slide 75 text @vixentael

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Slide 76 text @vixentael

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KEY POINTS Keep an eye on the sensitive data during the whole data flow. do not store do not collect remove fast

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Slide 78 text Secure mobile development LINKS Mobile security testing guide Organization security for startups testing-environment-for-ios-platform/ Series of posts about security testing

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My other security slides my-talks

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Security Basics SECURITY WORKSHOPS Enterprise Secure Architecture Secure Web apps Secure Software Development Secure Mobile apps

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@vixentael Product Engineer Feel free to reach me with security questions. I do check my inbox :)

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