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SpeakBUDDY Ltd. Company Introduction

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About Our Company 01

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3 Our Mission Open a world of opportunities by achieving true language acquisition What would happen if language acquisition became a real possibility for people around the globe? If we could speak with people in their native languages, can you imagine how much that would increase our options in life? When that happens, we can experience the joy of overcoming what we were told was impossible. We could encounter new surprises beyond our wildest imagination. Our feelings could reach even far away friends. Our mission is to create lives overflowing with these types of experiences and options for as many people as possible.

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4 About Our Company/ Founder s Message 立石 CEO Worked as a Funding and M&A Advisor at a foreign-owned investment bank. After learning iOS app programming, he created two English education apps that got first place in the App Store rankings. He has used his own experience struggling with English in the development of his current services. Now, he has a perfect score on the TOEIC and has achieved Rank 1 on the Eiken test. He is also the youngest person to pass the level 2 certified public accountant s qualification exam. His hobbies are traveling, and he has visited over 4 0 countries. Tsuyoshi Tateishi I want to save those struggling to learn English like I was   Actually, when I was a student, a teacher told me that I was the worst at English in my grade , so I always had the idea that I was bad at studying English. Despite that, when I graduated from university, I entered a large foreign- owned company and continued to struggle because it was an environment where English was essential because there were a lot of overseas training sessions and foreign employees.   I decided to devote myself to my English studies at that time, and that led to me getting a lot more information, connections, and being able to do a much wider range of things than I had been able to before. As a result of that, my opportunities, both professional and private, increased, and I felt that my life became much richer. On top of that, when I looked at Japan from an overseas perspective, I became certain that the biggest issue preventing Japanese people from contributing on the world stage is language ability and from traveling around the world, I also learned and firmly believe that if you can speak to someone in the same language, you can touch their hearts.   Then, I thought that if I started my own company, that I wanted to make a product that could save a lot of people who struggled with English like I did. After doing a lot of interviews with people studying English, I heard many of them say I m not good at speaking, so when I talk to others, I get embarrassed. I also had the same thought in the past and thought if only there was an English conversation robot in my house . When I remembered that thought, I thought that in this day and age where speech recognition and synthetic speech technology has advanced this far developing an AI English conversation tool could become the best and final method to study English conversation. 5

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5 Company Overview Company Name   SpeakBUDDY Ltd. Address      1 - 4 - 1 Nihonbashi, Chuo Ward, Tokyo Nihonbashi Mitsui Building 5 th Floor (COREDO Nihonbashi) CEO     Tsuyoshi Tateishi Foudning Date   May 1 st, 20 13 Employees   3 5 Products & Services   AI English Conversation App SpeakBuddy SpeakBuddy Personal Coaching SpeakBuddy English Learning Q&A 6

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6 AI English Conversation you can do anywhere, anytime, with no worries Using the Latest AI Tech Over 3 Million users 4 . 4 Average Rating Over 30 Thousand

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7 AI English Conversation SpeakBuddy App/ Problems it Solves Over 8 0 percent of users level up! Effective When the app was used continuously 3 times a week for 3 months, users who were less than B 1 - 1 before starting the app Investigated by our company between January 2021 and December 20 22 You can study anytime, anywhere Easy to Use You won t feel nervous since you re talking to an AI Stress Free Low Cost On the yearly subscription plan It s extremely affordable at only about 2 , 0 0 0 yen per month Illustration by Storyset

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8 3 月 飛 力 走 ・       ・ 日 1-2 ・ 二言   ・ 3 月 ・ ・ 日 力 ・ FB( 日 ) ・ ( 1) ・ ・ ( 1) Online English Coaching 3 Month 1 on 1 Program Continuous Study for 2 hours a day Over 1 , 0 0 0 Learners Once a week English Conversation and counseling 9

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9 Our AI English Conversation is our main product, and we re continuing to develop our English Coaching service. We are also expanding corporate sales of both products. AI English Conversation App Coaching Service Corporate Sales Expand the Use of our services at foreign owned and education related Global Corporations and Mega Ventures Product Overview An online English coaching service where coaches accompany learners on their study journey Upselling the resolution to the barriers to studying We gain user insight and talent The need to raise the English level of corporations Supporting the English Language Learning needs of Global companies English Language learning app that specifically targets Speaking

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About our Work Environment 02

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1 1 A culture where each person is a professional About our Work Environment/ Culture Proactive 自 Earnest Futuristic 革 Buddy Diversity

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1 2 An Engineer-Friendly Environment About our Work Environment /An Engineer-Friendly Environment We have prepared an environment that has the development abilities, climate, and support systems that make it easy for engineers to work. We have developed our own speech recognition system and have the development capabilities to create inhouse technologies that are essential to English learning. We don t limit the tech stacks of our engineers and let them choose whatever they feel best suits the issue. We also have a climate that respects their freedom to choose and try out new tech. On top of that, our engineers are researching and have the chance to work on frontend, backend, and AI related development. We provide the support necessary to raise your development skill level. We have system in place to buy laptops for our engineers, purchase books, and provide support to get certifications, so please feel free to ask us about these systems. In principle, we work remotely, and there are members who live in the countryside (as well as in Thailand and the Netherlands). We also have a share office, so you can choose to work in the way you d like.

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1 3 About our Work Environment /Global workplace A Field Where International Buddies can Make an Impact We have many members from different backgrounds, including international members, who are making a big impact at the company. We communicate in both English and Japanese, and many of our members have study abroad experience. We have a server side engineer who got his PhD in computer science in Europe, a UI/UX designer from Australia, and many other diverse members. We also have engineers who have high English abilities who have studied English by themselves, and have even gotten perfect TOIEC scores. Because we ve gathered members who believe strongly in our mission, we have naturally become an INTERNATIONAL team with diverse ways of thinking.

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1 4 Work Life Balance About our Work Environment / A Comfortable and Flexible Work Style Health is the base of everything and is more important than work itself. In order to come to work with a healthy body and clear mind everyday, we focus and work hard and then go home quickly, in other words, we Work fast and enjoy life . We think up all of our systems with the base idea that We will grow as professionals by working in a healthy way . So, we have systems like the delayed start time system and others. We also have fun events from time to time like drinking parties, flower viewing, BBQ s, Welcome lunches, and more.

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1 5 Hybrid Work is Possible if It s Aligned with Our Goals About our Work Environment/ About the Office Our office is on the 5 th floor of the Nihonbashi Mitsui Building (COREDO Nihonbashi) that is directly connected to the Nihonbashi station. There are special booths for meetings, a coworking space, and more, along with our private office, so it s an environment that s easy to get work done in. We have no set rules about where you need to work (remotely or at the office) and allow our members to choose the work style that is best for them.

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1 6 About our Work Environment/ About the Evaluations Self Evaluation 1 We allow members to inform us about what salary they think is appropriate for themselves by considering the projects they took part in, the skills they improved, their strengths, their special skills, their contributions to the company, and more. We think that it s important, as a professional, to face your own performance, and use it to grow further. Evaluation from Team Members 3 You can also receive feedback about your performance and skills from the other members of your team as well. We believe you can grow by looking back on your actions that have been filtered through the more objective eyes of multiple people. Evaluation from Your Team Leader 2 You can receive feedback about your performance and skills from your team leader. You can grow by receiving feedback from senior members who are part of the same team as you.

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