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“I think once those restrictions start to be removed, and we’re seeing evidence of that now, we should see international travel recovery, because it’s clear that the underlying demand from passengers remains quite strong…..The premium market has been recovering at the same rate as the economy travel.” quotes that sum up... 5 Source: IATA press briefing - 25.01.22 Willie Walsh, Director General, IATA ...the European airline capacity outlook

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“The U.K. is now leading on bookings versus Europe for the first time since spring 2020.” Source: Bloomberg reporting on UK travel rebound - 27.01.22 Johan Lundgren, CEO, easyJet

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“We hope to have over 65 new aircraft in our fleet for peak Summer 22 when our capacity will be approx. 114% of Summer 19 (pre-Covid) levels.” Source: Ryanair Q3 2022 results - 31.01.22 Michael O’Leary, CEO, Ryanair

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“Jozsef Varadi, Wizz chief executive forecast a rapid recovery in the summer season, when the airline would have the aircraft to carry 50% more passengers than in 2019, enabling it to operate at “full-blown” capacity.” Source: Financial Times - 02.02.22

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“International airline capacity is 5% higher this week than last week - but remains 50% below where it was for the same week in 2019. The forward schedules, however, have a significant increase in capacity, especially when it comes to the Summer Season.” Source: OAG, an airline data consultancy 31.01.22