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Quick wins for your website in the SEM game @saijamahon @mahondigital

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The number of searches performed each year across Google/Bing and smaller search engines = At least 2 trillion but less than a quadrillion. UK small businesses missing out on £27bn mobile shopping boom because websites aren't optimised @saijamahon @mahondigital

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Google Analytics • Set this up on the site to track traffic volume and sources • Configure Goals to track sales, leads or other KPIs • Gather Demographic data on the site visitors @saijamahon @mahondigital

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Google Search Console • Lets you tell Google to index the site’s landing pages • Monitor organic search data in detail : • Search queries • Organic search positions • Clicks, impressions & CTR • Check for errors that may impact SERP position or performance: • Sitemap setup • Crawl errors • 404 pages @saijamahon @mahondigital

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Get On The Map • Set up a Google My Business profile if the business has an office or other physical locations. For Google Maps and Local Pack visibility • Bing Places covers the same @saijamahon @mahondigital

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Google Isn’t Everything • Create profiles in Facebook and all the other major social networks • Make it easy for people to find the site across all the most common destinations/directories • For B2B services, don’t forget LinkedIn @saijamahon @mahondigital

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Check Out The Competition • Tools like SEMrush, Spyfu, KeywordSpy will give useful information on keywords that competitors are targeting organically or through PPC @saijamahon @mahondigital

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SEO Plugins • Many of the most common CMS and ecommerce systems such as Wordpress & Magento have SEO plugins available e.g., Yoast, AllInOneSEO • These can provide SEO tips for each page and the site as a whole @saijamahon @mahondigital

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Site Speed • Google is placing increasing importance on mobile friendliness and site speed • They provide a free tool to evaluate a site for each and provide recommendations at: friendly and peed/insights/ @saijamahon @mahondigital

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META Data Is For People Too • Your page Title and Description, which are hidden in the HTML code are partly what search engines decide what searches to show a site for • But this ‘Google snippet’ is also what people see, so should be clear and entice people to click @saijamahon @mahondigital

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Keyword Research • Research search volumes and keyword variations and alternatives using tools such as: • Adwords Keyword Planner • Google search console @saijamahon @mahondigital

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Pay For First Page Visibility • Google and Bing have ad services that allow you to pick the keywords and phrases you want to show ads for • If you have the budget this can get instant visibility at or near the top of the 1st page • Drive leads or sales through site visits or phone calls @saijamahon @mahondigital

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Google Adwords Not just search ads • Display Network – pick an audience by interests, demographics, site placements, apps, topics • Create audiences to promote to – site visitors, or previous purchasers to remarket to • Google Shopping – ideal for ecommerce sales, can show above search ads, the visual appeal & extra information can boost conversion rates over search ads @saijamahon @mahondigital

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Spread Your Social Posts • Not every social network posting goes viral, obviously • Promote your key or best performing posts or create new ones as ads show to a wider audience • The various social networks have different targeting options to appear in the feeds of your chosen audience • Offered by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, Snapchat & more • Better engagement than the small ads that LinkedIn and Facebook also offer @saijamahon @mahondigital

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Get Blogging • Fresh content gives search engines more topics and keyword phrases to show your site for • Promote posts through your social channels • Gain backlinks to improve your search rankings @saijamahon @mahondigital

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Shoppers are predicted to double the amount they spend on purchases made on mobile devices this year. Capitalise on the growth! @saijamahon @mahondigital

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Thank You ([email protected]) @saijamahon @mahondigital