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WordPress goes Serverless Serverless Meetup Osaka #2 Jan.27.2017

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WordPress goes Serverless Contents – What is Shifter? – How to work? – A Case Study

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WordPress goes Serverless What is Shifter? Shifter converts WordPress sites into a series of static HTML files and serves them up via a global CDN for high performance hosting, eliminating the burden of software maintenance and server updates.

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WordPress goes Serverless Lifecycle

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WordPress goes Serverless How to work? Shifter is built entirely with AWS, Docker, and the Serverless Framework. Our developers are using the latest technology available to introduce something entierly new to WordPress.

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WordPress goes Serverless Serverless Architecture

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WordPress goes Serverless Big News: 
 Shifter Partners with Netlify! 
 You can use Shifter to create your static web pages and Netlify to push your content out over several CDNs. Your site will be scalable, secure, and lightning fast—and it will reach more networks than ever before.

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WordPress goes Serverless To make things even sweeter, Netlify is more than a CDN! 
 They are the most full-featured platform of their kind, with tons of dev tools to support your build. So check them out and tell them Shifter sent you. One simple login code is all you need to integrate your Shifter and Netlify accounts for even better speed and reach..

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WordPress goes Serverless A Case Study We’ll feature an event sales site to show you just what Shifter can do to accommodate traffic spikes, reduce costs, and ensure security.

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WordPress goes Serverless The cost-efficient choice Whether your site sells tickets to concerts, sporting events, live theater, or conferences, it cannot fail. If you lose traffic, you lose sales—and that’s not something your business can risk. You know you’ll need to increase your server capacity for an upcoming event, but by how much? It’s impossible to know exactly, so you’ll probably upgrade to a high spec server ahead of time to be prepared. This is what could happen:

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WordPress goes Serverless The cost-efficient choice You invested the money to accommodate increased site traffic— but you still weren’t prepared and lost the opportunity (and the cash).

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WordPress goes Serverless With Shifter this is what would happen:

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WordPress goes Serverless With Shifter Shifter scales to meet traffic demands in real-time—and you only pay for what you need and use. That means you’ll be ready for any traffic surge, pay only for what you need, and give your customers the uninterrupted service they expect.

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WordPress goes Serverless Don’t just save money-save time Building, running, and maintaining a website takes time: you have to set up the server, choose the right size, create a caching strategy, and then monitor it for safety and performance. 
 You’ll need to constantly upgrade WordPress, PHP, Apache (or Nginx), and all the other middlewares and tools you use—even when traffic is low.

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WordPress goes Serverless Don’t just save money-save time All of that takes time—time you could (and should!) be spending elsewhere. Let’s see what this could look like, before the event and after.

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“Shifter saves you so much time and effort. Once you set up your site with Shifter, we’ll do all the work for you.”

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WordPress goes Serverless Without Shifter 1. You don’t know how much traffic you’ll get for an upcoming event, so you buy a more expensive infrastructure than you probably need—just in case. 2. After the event is over, you have to manually reduce your server size again. 3. Throughout the entire process, you need to maintain the site’s security (easier said than done!)

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WordPress goes Serverless With Shifter 1. Pricing starts at $30/month. When traffic spikes for your event, our costs will adjust to cover only the site data and storage capabilities you need. 2. When the event is over and traffic goes down, costs and storage capabilities adjust automatically. 3. The site stays secure because there’s nothing to hack.

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WordPress goes Serverless Other benefits 1. Only Shifter lets you build a static site on the WordPress platform. 2. Your static HTML files are hosted on a CDN—not a traditional server—so you can reboot and run WordPress to make site edits without worry about speed or security concerns.

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“Don’t waste another minute— sign up for Shifter and let us do the heavy lifting.”