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YorkshireDigital Bringing Yorkshires digital community together

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Who are YorkshireDigital? ● From the community ● Noncommercial ● Non-funded ● Three guys doing this off their own backs for the good of the community

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The last time we spoke ● The essence of YorkshireDigital is ‘community’ ● We wanted to hear from you about what you thought our community was lacking ● We came up with ‘A hub for the growing digital community in Yorkshire, where individuals, organisations, and User Groups can see what’s going on, find connections, and share knowledge

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Since then... ● The digital landscape in the North is changing ○ More meetups popping up ○ Tech City North ○ Northern Futures

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Bringing it all together ● Our aim is to bring the community together ● We’ve spent the last 6 months talking to members of the community, user groups and agencies to find out what’s missing ● This is what we’ve found...

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YorkshireDigital Live ● An all encompassing event ● Introducing people to events they may not be aware of ● Provide a physical platform for the community ● The first event will focus on Security, from the technical implications to the business impact

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Online Presence ● The overwhelming response was that people didn’t know what was going on in their community ● We started a newsletter ● We've been contacted by so many event organisers that putting everything on the newsletter isn’t viable

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Online Calendar ● We are currently in the final stages of putting our beta out ● We’re still gathering events so if you know of any please come see or tweet us ● We will be sending a link to the beta site to our mailing list so sign up

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Online Calendar