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By  Thijs  Feryn Developers  travel  in  style

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Hi, I’m Thijs

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I’m @ThijsFeryn on Twitter

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I’m an Evangelist At

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I’m a at board member

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Douchebaggery 1st world problems

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The mission

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Luxury travel on a budget

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✓Lounge access ✓Priority 
 check-in, boarding, baggage handling, waitlist, standby, fastlane ✓Premium cabins for cheap upgrades & award travel Air travel

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✓Priority/early check-in ✓Free nights ✓Free upgrades ✓Free amenities ✓Lounge access ✓Guaranteed availability Hotels

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✓Earn award miles ✓Earn status miles ✓Use award miles for “free” travel ✓Become an elite member

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Benefits recognized across the alliance

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Which one to choose?

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Miles & More

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HON Circle status

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HON Circle status

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Flying Blue

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Executive Club

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British Airways Executive Club American Airlines AAdvantage

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Spending miles

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✓Earning enough miles ✓Limited availability ✓Pay for taxes & surcharges ✓Look for interesting partnerships Cheap premium cabins

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Hotel loyalty programs

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✓Always book with the chain directly ✓Put it on the room ✓Quarterly promotions ✓Dirty status tricks Hotels

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Spending points

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✓Hotel rates vary A LOT ✓Is it cheaper to pay cash? ✓Cash & points? Considerations

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Increase your earnings

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Credit cards

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✓Hotel branded ✓Airline branded ✓Amex platinum ✓Bank branded ✓Shop branded Credit cards

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✓Welcome bonuses (after spend) ✓Lounge access ✓Free bags ✓Free wifi ✓(Credit towards) elite status ✓Miles don’t expire Credit card perks

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✓Don’t just get them to use them ✓Enjoy the perks ✓Spend enough to get the bonuses ✓Multipliers ✓More than 1 ✓Do they accept your AMEX? Credit cards

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Partnerships & transfers

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✓Hotel to airline transfer ✓Tesco to BA miles ✓AMEX to airline/hotel transfer ✓Earn on shopping ✓Earn on car rentals ✓Earn on subscription services Partnerships

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Learn all the dirty tricks

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Slide 42 text @onemileatatime @thepointsguy @fotograaf

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