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How to Build an Authentic Audience as a Developer Matt Woods Growth, Tailwind @matopher

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Why do you need to build an audience? @matopher Your audience is a secret advantage to get hired at your dream job or launch your next software project.

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The to building an audience: Give away more value than you take. @matopher It's like paying into a savings account. ➡ The more you save, more you can “withdraw” later.

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What are the best opportunities to build your audience? @matopher

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Build Useful Software @matopher ✅ Open Source Packages (Laravel Analytics) ✅ Templates (HTML5 Up) ✅ Side Projects (Nomad List)

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Share What You Know @matopher Bite-size samples (Quick Tips, Real Moments) Tasty side dish (Podcast, Blog Post, Short Video) Full course meal (Courses, Guides & Tutorials)

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Quick Tips @matopher BITE-SIZE SAMPLE

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Podcasts, Blog Posts & Short Videos @matopher TASTY SIDE DISH

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Courses, Guides & Tutorials @matopher FULL-COURSE MEAL

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Not sure what to talk about? @matopher

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Share Your Experience @matopher

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Lower your pain tolerance @matopher

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Combine Popular + New Ideas @matopher

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Build an Audience by Giving Away Value for Free Hit me up on Twitter for more ideas --> @matopher Build Useful Software Share What You Know "Save Up" Over Time, Then Make an "Ask"