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@marktimemedia No pressure.

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@marktimemedia Ew, gross

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@marktimemedia SALES Hello, let me tell you about me

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@marktimemedia Successful business owners. Also volunteer to speak at open source events for no pay.

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@marktimemedia Can I rub your feet? Help stretch your calves? Teach you about Git workflows?

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@marktimemedia Literally co-created WordPress, also apparently likes cupcakes

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@marktimemedia This stock photo knows what’s up

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@marktimemedia Tell a person about yourself, and they’ll remember you for a day. Make a real connection and help a person solve their problem, and they’ll remember you for a lifetime.

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@marktimemedia Nope!

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@marktimemedia People helping people

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@marktimemedia WordCamp Minneapolis 100% volunteer run

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@marktimemedia Volunteering my time with meaningful organizations

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@marktimemedia All these talks are a lot of work

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@marktimemedia LEARN be smart

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@marktimemedia LISTEN be smart

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@marktimemedia FAIL be smart

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@marktimemedia TEACH be helpful

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@marktimemedia PAY IT FORWARD be helpful

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@marktimemedia BE GENUINE be helpful

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@marktimemedia PASS IT ON DON’T GIVE IT AWAY be strategic

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@marktimemedia FIND YOUR BOUNDARIES be strategic

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@marktimemedia TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF be strategic

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@marktimemedia BE SMART& BE HELPFUL

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Thanks @marktimemedia