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When Bianca accidentally shatters a magic mirror, she racks up over 100 years of rotten luck! Her only hope of escaping jinx-hood is to team up with Keelin, the Magician-in-Training, and collect all the mirror’s scattered "luck fragments" before anyone else can!

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Luck & Magic “Break a mirror, 7 years bad luck” ...but what happens when it’s a magic mirror? Bianca finds out the hard way, when she accidentally shatters a mirror belonging to Oberon, a magician from a parallel world of magic and monsters, and learns she’s accrued over 100 years of bad luck! Her only hope of returning to a normal life is to work at Oberon’s theme park for monsters, as the personal assistant of his grandson Keelin; a cocky and sarcastic Magician-in-Training with debilitating stage fright. While they don’t always see eye-to-eye, the two will have to work together to collect all the mirror’s missing “luck fragments”- each containing their own mysterious powers - that have been scattered across both their worlds. Between trying to get along with her monstrous but quirky co-workers, day-to-day magical hijinks, and balancing a normal school life in the human world, Bianca has got her work cut out for her. To top it off, a mysterious organization of monsters and magic users have also set their sights on hunting fragments. To find all the pieces first, Bianca and Keelin will need a little bit of luck and a whole lot of magic!

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Bianca Keelin Despite his brash and cocky personality, Keelin is actually very sensitive. He has a hard time dealing with his anxiety and prefers to avoid anything that makes him uncomfortable. He is also prone to self-sabotaging. This is especially true when it comes to using magic. While he is considered to be a magical prodigy, Keelin has yet to obtain his full Magician’s License due to his severe stage fright. After Bianca becomes his assistant, Keelin becomes more reliable and confident, often having to step up and use magic to get the two of them out of a pinch. Even before breaking Oberon’s mirror, Bianca was already considered a jinx by most of her classmates. Her lousy luck has made her a social pariah in the human world, with Alex as her only friend. Still, she somehow manages to win over her new coworkers in The Parallel rather quickly. Bianca has a very accommodating personality and will often go way out of her way to help anyone she meets. Often times her greatest strength is her compassion and empathy. Unfortunately, she is also very gullible and easily tricked. Bianca slowly learns to become more assertive while working with Keelin, often having to take charge while searching for luck fragments.

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Piper Flashy, flirty, and exuding too much self- confidence, Piper is the polar opposite of her cousin Keelin. She craves attention and is adored by her many fans. She would be the ideal Magician, if it weren’t for the fact that her skills are practically non- existent. She does however, have a flair for “human magic” (AKA stage magic and slight of hand.) While she normally maintains her regal façade, she can’t resist turning into a gushing mess when confronted with something cute- especially rabbits! She’s come to study under Oberon to finally buckle down and earn her Magician’s License. Oberon Dahlia Dahlia is a black cat currently employed as Oberon’s Familiar. She mysteriously slips between The Parallel and the human world as she pleases and will often show up when least expected (though rarely to be helpful). She’s more of an observer, unless Oberon tells her otherwise. She likes to tease Keelin, to his annoyance, but treats Bianca kindly, to his further annoyance. A powerful and world-renowned Magician, Oberon is typically a cheerful and whimsical gentleman, often imparting cryptic wisdom and warnings to Keelin and Piper as a sort of hobby. After retiring as the head of his family, Oberon established a theme park for monsters, which has become a well-known destination vacation spot. He has a rather laissez-faire attitude when it comes to running the park, and treats the staff like his family. Oberon wants to support Keelin and Piper’s growth, but he will often not intervene in their business unless absolutely necessary.

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Sanaa Alwyn & Alex Alex is an aloof and serious young man. While many his classmates at school like him, Alex isn’t really friends with anyone but Bianca, who he’s known since kindergarten. While he appears to be a normal student, it is later revealed that Alex is actually a Changeling name Alwyn. He has spent the last 10 years looking for the real Alex, who was taken by Zelba as a child. In his true form, Alwyn is a much more laid back and playful person. He initially hates that Bianca knows about The Parallel, but later becomes a great help in the search for luck fragments. NOT EVERYONE AT SCHOOL IS WHO THEY APPEAR TO BE... Sanaa is an easygoing, friendly, and artistic girl at Bianca’s school. While she appears to be a normal student at first, Sanaa is actually a half-spider with the power to weave memories and illusions. She starts off as the ally of Zelba the Witch, who promised to help Sanaa find her grandfather. But after being betrayed, Sanaa becomes friends with Bianca and Keelin.

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The Students of Clover Creek High Bianca used to let Kate, Maddie, and Davis bully and manipulate her, thinking they were friends. But after forming real relationships, she’s finally starting to stand up to them- making them new enemies in the process. Ella is a soft-spoken and sensitive math nerd. Bethany is curt, hot-headed, and athletic. They seem like an unlikely pair, but they share a long lasting bond over their love for the paranormal. Originally they approached Bianca to observe the increase in weird events happening around her, but over time the three strike up a genuine friendship. Kate, Maddie, & Davis Ella & Bethany

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Alan Originally human, Alan became a werewolf in his teens and was taken under Oberon’s wing soon after. Alan still lives in the human world, but works as the park’s haggard Manager. He is a grump and highly sarcastic, but has still somehow become a confidant for Bianca as she adjusts to working in The Parallel. Alan hates his “wolf form”, which is actually an adorable Pomeranian. Park Staff Intensely friendly and very talkative, Sylphie is the park’s “Provisional Junior Associate Deputy Assistant Manager” as well as the go-to person for any park related help. Her peppy disposition and unrelenting curiosity doesn’t mesh well with Keelin’s guarded personality, and he constantly tries to avoid her, unsuccessfully. Sylphie was quick to befriend Bianca, mostly because humans fascinate her. Sylphie

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Mysterious enemies appear! Known as the “Void Witch”, Zelba has had most of her powers sealed away as punishment for casting wicked magic. But that doesn’t make her any less of a formidable foe. Zelba is a cold and calculating person, often manipulating others into doing her dirty work. She may be second in command to The Prince, but in reality she is the one truly pulling the strings. A mischievous little imp, Coco is Zelba’s most loyal follower. She is often sent out to find luck fragments or just to cause problems for the park. Unfortunately, Coco is bad at being evil. She’s too clumsy and empathetic. Her pet bat Piri is always at her side. Dagral is head of a band of Goblin mercenaries and is famous for being the first monster to tame a cockatrice. In exchange for a safe place to raise his adopted daughter Vesta, he has decided to join Zelba and The Prince. The last known Master of Magestry, a destructive and taboo form of magic. The Prince had lived a life of confinement and isolation in the Lamented Forest until allying with Zelba. He blames the banishment of The Mages on all Magicians, and is motivated by revenge. He is lonely and unloved. Zelba Coco & Piri Dagral, Vesta & Doom-Eyes The Prince

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The Town of Clover Creek Oberon's Park & The Parallel Once an old mining town, Clover Creek is now a cozy little slice of small town Americana. Bianca has lived in Clover Creek her whole life and currently attends the town’s only public High School, Clover Creek High. While much of the show will focus on Bianca’s adventures in The Parallel, sometimes problems from work will follow her home, like nosy coworkers, troublesome magical creatures, and the occasional luck fragment! Once his Ancestral home located in the Whistling Woods, Oberon converted his estate into a theme park for monsters and magic users alike. The park features many games, rides, and attractions, as well as the ancient magician’s tower where Oberon, Keelin, and Piper live. While Oberon’s Park will feature heavily in the show, some episodes will send the characters to other unique locations, such as exploring the Magus Market in Fortuna Harbor, saving the distressed Gnomes of Briarwood Village or attending a ball in Providence Court, the city of Magicians! We’ll also see what the villains are up to in their base up north, located deep within the Lamented Forest. The Parallel is full of interesting and fantastical places to explore!

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Target Audience Age 6-12 Episode Length 28 Minutes Sample Episodes: The Lucky Amulet On their first errand together at the Magus Market, Bianca comes across a mysterious shopkeeper who gifts her a “Lucky Amulet”. All of a sudden Bianca’s fortune seems to have turned around, but the trinket might really be more of a curse than a blessing. The Vanishing Village Keelin, Piper, Alwyn and Bianca are sent to a nearby village of Gnomes that have been experiencing a resurgence of a century old curse. The villagers once snubbed a witch, who in relatiation, spirited away one of their own each night. Now, long after the witch’s death, villagers have started to go missing once again. To make matters worse, Bianca seems to be the curse’s next target. Magic Club The President of the school’s Magic Club, spots Keelin performing a spell and is convinced that he is the real deal. In order to disprove the existence of magic and keep the club from forcibly recruiting Bianca as a member, Keelin has to learn stage magic from Piper in one day, despite his stage fright and lack of talent. Dream Diary While tidying up Oberon’s study, Bianca comes across a mysterious journal she’s never seen before. When she touches it, she finds herself in a dream of the park’s past. Now only ten years old, Bianca and a young Keelin need to find a way to return her to the real world before she stays trapped in the dream forever. Sanaa There’s a new student at school, but for some reason, only Bianca realizes this. In fact, it seems like Sanaa has always been in her class. They’re even supposed to be best friends. Bianca and Keelin are the only ones who can untangle these twisted memories and find out who Sanaa really is and what her plans are.

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-Contact Info- Antonia "Ando" Andros [email protected] Concept & Art: Antonia Andros Editor: Pam Andros Thank you for reading!