The Next Sci-Fi Indie Film Global Hit Opportunity

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November 06, 2019

The Next Sci-Fi Indie Film Global Hit Opportunity

by David Christopher Loya

A well-produced, low-budget, science fiction motion picture, like G.O.D. 2.0, presents an extraordinary alternative investment opportunity for either the first-time film investor, or a seasoned investor in independent film projects.

This pitch deck in conjunction with our detailed business plan will demonstrate how and why G.O.D. 2.0 delivers a strong probability of success that will generate significant returns. Renegade Lens Pictures is now raising $1,250,000 to fully produce G.O.D. 2.0.

An additional $400,000 for the placement and promotion of a minimal four week, 100 screen theatrical platform release will be acquired via traditional print and advertising (P&A), distribution funders - once the full $1,250,000 has been secured.

A primary element to our recoupment strategy is founded upon a self-distribution model leveraging - first and foremost - a theatrical release and promotion. This is one of our keys to success.

By insuring a limited theatrical engagement, G.O.D. 2.0’s monetization value for distribution within the “secondary windows”, e.g. DVD, Video On Demand, Premium Streaming, Cable, etc., increases considerably - with returns that far outweigh the $400,000 P&A (Prints and Advertising) costs.

Our relationship equity within the film distribution arena is substantial; and the ability to engage our network affords us the ability to achieve what few independent film companies can: To uniquely position G.O.D. 2.0 for positive cash-flow across all distribution platforms, via an assured four-week theatrical run, supported by the separate P&A raise.

Even with minimal success, as demonstrated in our projections, the film is likely to be offered a wider first-run theatrical distribution. But to further bolster investor confidence, our projections reflect nothing beyond the first, four-week theatrical run.

We purposefully chose a highly restrained approach in constructing our forecasts. Our measured, conservative analysis thus reflects a modest, yet highly plausible, even probable, success scenario.

After the return of principal, we project an investor profit range that encompasses a "worst case scenario" ROI range of 106% to 26%. (For the detailed projections, see Appendix A in our Business Plan.)

Our overall strategy emulates what we know works. First, we will produce the film at a very low strike price. Second, we’ll deliver a motion picture that will exceed the production value of any similarly successful, low-budget film. Third, we will expertly manage an assured distribution path that’s driven by aggressive, smart marketing. Underlying this overall strategy are the empirical reasons (all of which this plan will demonstrate) that enable a rational expectation for a positive outcome.

The investment is structured via a Private Placement Memorandum, and fifty subscription agreements will be issued at $25,000 USD increments. Consideration will be given on a case-by-case basis to investment amounts below $25,000 USD. Due to the nature of this investment, the funds will not be liquid, and will be committed up to a minimum of 12 months before any principal or premiums may be available for return.


Renegade Lens Pictures

November 06, 2019