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Week 1

Rene Morency
January 25, 2017

Week 1

Rene Morency

January 25, 2017


  1. Week one Discovery

  2. Today’s agenda (1.5 hrs) 1. How the Discovery phase works:

    What we hope to achieve and why 2. The team’s roles and responsibilities: Who’s who 3. What do we already know: Existing data and information 4. Questions and answers: An open discussion 5. Workshop dates and milestones
  3. Objectives: what do we need to know Hypothesis: what we

    already know Methods: filling the gaps Conduct: gather the data Conclusions: what have we learned • e.g. Understand what is required to make the process easier 1. How the Discovery phase works • e.g. In the form of a blueprint report • e.g. MoSCoW exercise and interviews • e.g. With workshops, research and analysis • e.g. The current process is time consuming Start End
  4. Jay Freestone Front-end design/development James Blizzard Technical director John Beck

    Strategy Director Iain Hector User Experience design 2. The team’s roles and responsibilities René Morency Design director
  5. 3. What do we already know • We have a

    list of appropriate customers for us to approach, plus a synopsis of the relationships. • We want data and information about the following • Quantity of clients • Active users • Transactions made • Preferences/stipulations on technology • Preferences/stipulations on visual direction • Any information with regards to competitor or influencer platforms • Any information on brand do’s and don’ts • Can we have a guided tour of current workflow?
  6. 4. Questions and answers Jim René John Jay Questions

  7. 5. Workshop dates and milestones Requirements gathering • Customer interviews

    • Customer questionnaires • Stakeholder interviews / Review (UI/UX) • MOSCOW exercise (high level) • Current workflows and touchpoint (what happens where) • Desired workflow (mapping) Presentation and discussion • Personas • User journey and workflows (UX, mapping) • Visual direction and UI • User stories (MoSCoW low level, functionality, effort required) • Architecture (technical, security) • Wrap-up N/A September 1st September 6th September 9th September 15th September 15th September 22nd Date Exercise Team required N/A BL + PO + SH BL + PO BL + PO BL + PO + SH BL + PO BL + PO + SH BL: Browser London PO: Product owner SH: Stakeholder