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Week 2

Rene Morency
January 25, 2017

Week 2

Rene Morency

January 25, 2017


  1. Week two Discovery

  2. Today’s agenda (2 hrs) 1. Recap: What happened last week

    2. Stakeholder interviews: Team up for a short interview 3. Walk through the process: How does your current system work? 4. The user stories: Lets talk about what a user needs to do 5. Features MoSCoW: What features will help a user complete their user story
  3. Objectives: what do we need to know Hypothesis: what we

    already know Methods: filling the gaps 1. Recap 3. Existing data and information Jim Jay Questions
  4. As a business what are the top priorities? 2. Stakeholder

    interviews How do you define success of the project? What is the role of the application in achieving that success? What’s the one thing we must get right to make it a success? • What do you see as the key performance indicators? • Is this a shared vision throughout the organisation? • What are the problems that it will help solve, and why? • Is the roll-out and user adoption time dependent?
  5. Data 3 Walk us through your current process Accounts Operations

  6. 4. The users stories Support What do these users need

    to do? Accounts Operations Data Customer
  7. 5. Features MoSCoW What features will help the user complete

    a user story? I need to request a ZIP 1 order for deliver by… • Signup (invitation only) • Login • Form (for request description) • Date picker (for delivery) • Upload (supporting material) • Save draft (optional) • Submit e.g. Features User story Customer